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Yellow Éclat in Aberdeen

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Hi, I'm not sure where to put this but please move it if there is a more suitable place.
Several years ago I sold my Éclat to a man from Aberdeen when I was working out of the country and could not afford the time to have a clutch repair carried out. At the recent NEC show I spoke of this car to a couple of Scottish enthusiasts who recognised the description of the car. They told me it may be for sale as the owner himself is now moving abroad for work. They took my number to pass on to him. I am now wondering if he is a member of this site and would contact me through it with a view to my buying the car again. Unfortunately I cannot remember the reg of the car, however I doubt there are many yellow eclats with a degree of Lotus history in the area around Aberdeen so can only live in hope. Thanks, Bob.

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:ph34r:  Hi Bob, well you have managed to track old Banana down at last, I had heard previously that you might have been looking for her.


Well since your ownership and my first forage into Lotus ownership many miles have gone under her chassis and lots and lots of man hours, skined knuckles and more than a few pennies have flown out of my wallet. From buying her I first rebuilt/overhauled the rear brakes, now that was an eye opener. Replaced the front discs and pads and gave her a general service including all the belts and fluids, all that took best part of a week and she was back on the road with full MOT and road tax. Old banana then spent the next two years touring the highways and byways of Scotland untill one sad day being a little overenthusiastic crossing a hump back bridge she landed a little to hard an snaped one of the arm on the rear axle but as ever the old girl crab legged it home a touch with the welder and a bit of angle iron would see her through untill the end of the year which was only a few months off.


Well you would think that would be enough for her but no, not old banana, a few weeks later after a flash flood we came round a sharp bend on a downhill run only to find the little stream with the bridge that we noramly cross had turned into a raging torrent so the old Eclat transformed into her younger sister and became a white S2. A bit of quick thinking was called for, up with the revs to nea max, dip the clutch and hope she would float accross, well she did with a cough and a splutter at the other side, again she got us through and home again. At this point I decided it was time to give her a brake and a good overhaul so she was parke dunder her nice covers in the garage for the next two years. Of course with theold one off the road I had to get another toy to play with as the Lotus bug was well and truly bit, in fact it was so bad that I started my own club, Club Lotus North East Scotland and I have even develpoed our own website which goes under the same name, with .com. Well obviously time has passed and a lot has happened, one divorce, another 5 Lotus have come and gone, remarried and rebuilt old Banana which was used as the brides car as a first run out complete with rebuilt rear axle, gearbox as sync had gone in third and fifth, and a rebuilt engine, new clutch pressure plate, thrust bearing, distributor, rebuilt power steering etc, etc etc. And after all that work I then gave her to my new wife as a wedding gift. Oh shit I hear you say then she will not be fore sale, Well she actually is for sale or thats the plan come the new year and I have a price in mind, it's obviously nothing like a piad for her but a fair price all the same and I have seen a lot on ebay receantly being advertised for a lot more. Banana has just gone onto sorn at the end of Nov and she is MOT's untill about the middle of the summer, cant remember exactly when but it's a while off.


As for her history, you obviously know a bit about it from previous ownership and since my ownership I have been digging about over the years and found a whole lot more, I am now good friends with Mike Kimberly's son, Mike was the design engineer who won theBrittish safety award for the design of the Eclat and has given me no end of history, I also have a heritage certificate from lotus showing she was No1 of only 4 bulit to her speck, also photographs of her sister car at Montecarlo granp prix and at the German Garnd Prix where she was also stationed with Andrew Ferguson, Mike Kimberly, DeAngelo and a few others, I also have a contact in Ireland who owns the sister car, an Elite in Essex colours which was also in he photographs so you can see she is well know now, in fact if you go to google and just enter yellow lotus eclat in scotland she will probably appear, she has has several atricals written about her in the local press and I had to do a live interview a few years ago at one of the bigger Scottish classic cars shows. All the history has been documented since my ownership and of course will pass to the next lucky owner. 


Now you ask why am I selling her well I am now working in Kazakhstan and have been for the last three years so I plan on getting something a little smaller for the Mrs to runabout while I am away, by the way, please excuse all the typos, honestly its not poor spelling it's a stupid Russian keyboard. Anyway, you can get in touch via  my email which is or wait a couple of weeks until I get back to the UK and call me on 07775437622.


All the best for now.


John Walsh. :rolleyes:    

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