Well done you Engineers & Technicians

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Well this year's F1 season is almost finished & the overall winners are already known & from my point of view its been enjoyable TV viewing most of the time.

What has impressed me the most has been the mechanical reliability, especially of the engines & gearboxes.
In the past it has been heartbreaking to see a top driver's race brought to a sudden halt due to component failures.
The reduction of the engine upper rev' limit has without doubt contributed to this reliability apart from reducing the costs; a great decision by the FIA.

However I wonder about the elimination of refueling stops when, it appears, that the same if not more stops are now required to replace designed in rapid tyre degradation.
This has resulted in the pit stop strategy being still a major decider in who wins a race whereas its intention was to increase the need for drivers to provide even more overtaking entertainment, both for themselves & the spectators.

I think that this has provided a problem that the designers have had to resolve, that being ever changing vehicle dynamics during the race due to huge changes in fuel load.
Well hats off to the drivers as well for coping with those change of dynamics during the race.

To sum up I say massive applause to all of those guys involved in the design & development of those cars; brilliant work!


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Must say I was thinking the same today that all of the teams have produced such reliable racing cars again this year. It's a great achievement in modern F1.

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