Being a Lotus Champion

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[quote name='the83man' date='23 August 2011 - 08:59 AM' timestamp='1314089978' post='3868']
Surely you recognise a cynical marketing exercise when you see one.......... :P

Lotus? Cynical? Bahar? Marketing? I wouldn't hear of it, Mike! :D

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Just out of interest I was asked by the winner of this competition to insure the Evora S for the year. Not a member of LDC but a real enthusiast, has a Caterham and a history of "interesting" cars.

Comp Cover, Nil Bonus, Quoted £1650. Bargain, Lotus are paying so thats ok anyway and even if they were not it would have been a cheap price to pay for the loan of an Evora for a year.

Besides write ups for the Lotus magazine he is also taking part in lots of other activities, something of a Mega prize as he called it.

Good luck I said through gritted teeth, I did not even make it into the test drive round! TOO old or could it be talentless?

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