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Cornwall and Devon Area Meet

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Firstly, to anyone who has not read any of my postings please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard and I am new to the Lotus Drivers Club and the Forum.

I live in Cornwall and own a GT3 Esprit, this is my third Lotus in around 24 years the first being an Éclat purchased for me by my father a 17 years old.

I have a passion for Lotus and now being older and wiser want to get more involved with other Lotus owners who share the passion for the breed. To this end I emailed the local area group and the email bounced back but not to be put off I went along to the location of the meeting only to find no one about.

After a few messages with other forum members it comes to light that the South West Group seems to have faded away and the contact details go to dead phone lines and email addresses.

RIGHT.... after the waffle I have volunteered myself to start a new group for members of the forum / LDC in the Cornwall and Devon area. I would like some input from members that would like to attend monthly meetings of the South West Group for ideas of locations / venues for the meeting. The old venue was listed as the Penhale Round at Fraddon. This does have ample parking but may not be the best location for everyone.

If a local group is going to work well then it needs to be in a good location that suits everyone, has ample parking, a room that we can use (if needs be) and on a night that is good for the owner of the venue as well.

Any other idea’s such as guest speakers that we may invite along, drive outs etc are also welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from other members soon.


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[quote name='A7ESK' date='24 April 2010 - 08:58 PM' timestamp='1272139135' post='206']
I'll be down that way may bank holiday week.
Hi Eddie,

Just seen your posting as I have been "Off line" and well for the past month or so.

Because of the Bank Holiday we have re-arranged the May and June meeting dates, sorry about that.

The main reason is that as the local group is new it has only been odd numbers turning up and those that have been arriving are all away for the Bank Holiday, then for the June meeting I am in Scotland for the Sunday.

All the best


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Hi Rich,

Have you any ideas when and where the next meet will take place in Cornwall? Would luv to attend and meet up with some fellow lotus owners in these parts.

I've also just joined your site and will get a piccy of my elise uploaded there later!



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Hello fellow Cornishmen and neighboring Devon.

I see in the time I've but shaking spanners at my car over the past year that you've tried to set up a club meet in these here parts. Sorry that I've been unable to attend. Are there any current Cornwall & Devon meets going on at the moment? If so I'll hopefully be able to attend late August/September time depending on when and where it might be.

Also, I'm looking forward to meeting other members 'up the line' whilst attending other events, shows, and track days! I'm really gutted that I missed the Lotus 60th Anniversary, Silverstone meet, Snetterton's Lotus festival, and the Scotland trip to name a few.

Cheers all.

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Hi Rich, just read this

[quote name='waghorri']
[font="Arial"][size="2"]After nearly 7 months of trying to build a local area group there has been no interest at all.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"]I have been to every meeting apart from one due to work and the most people that have turned up has been three, two of those are my wife and I.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"]Its a real shame as I love the car and what it stands for, there are countless Lotus owners in Cornwall and Devon but it appears most of which dont have an interest in this group.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"]Please see the main LDC site.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"]Was it that bad turn out?

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