Great Elise sound system for about £200


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I've wanted a new stereo system for my S2 for ages now, the crappy JVC head unit and horrendous speakers that came with the car just distorted at any high volume, making motorway driving a no-no with music on. The CD unit skipped constantly and the radio was shit. I was sick of burning CDs all the time and wanted an MP3 unit.

Here is what I got:

Head unit - - Kenwood: KDC-4547UW - CD/MP3/USB TUNER

Read speakers - - Vibe: BLACKAIR 5 - 13cm components

Front speakers - - Focal: 100CA1 - 10cm speakers


Album of install pics is here -

Comparison of the old and new front speakers:


We put lots of wadding (and fleece remnants!) in various places as there were yawning gaps behind the front speakers and back panel, which won't have helped the sound quality. When we fitted the front speakers and cranked them up, the quality was better than the old system front and rear speakers combined. Tweeters are mounted on the rear window surround pointing down towards the seats.

Took it for a test blat and the sound quality is superb but with MP3s, make sure you've got a good bitrate or it may sound a bit crap. The radio tunes perfectly now with no hissing, there is no distortion at all when turned up so blatting topless at 70+ you can still have good choons on. I've not tried the CD player yet for skipping potential, I doubt I'll even use it TBH - a mini USB stick with 4 gigs of MP3s on does it for me.

Head unit has an Aux plug, USB slot and is iPod compatible - interface easy to use - my one gripe is that the "random" settings for playing MP3s only apply to whatever directory you are in at the time. So if you want random EVERYTHING without having to change directories, put all MP3s in the root of the USB. I don't have an iPod so can't comment on the iPod useability.

Still, for not much over £200 I'll give it a big thumbs up.

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Kenwood head units are still to my mind the best designed, all the other brands are too "Play stationy" for me !! :rolleyes:

I have just managed to fit some front 4inch mid ranges into my S1 using a home made "pod" that I have bonded to the dash in place of the coin trays. Maybe not to everybodys taste, they don't obstruct anything and deliver the sound at you so now I can hear the radio when touring !!! I still have a bit of cosmetic trimming to do and also I replaced the rear speakers with 6.5 inch Kicker CVT Subs. Again I had to make a small enclosure plate to step them away a bit from the existing holes, but they take away no space. I do need to add in a low pass filter though to make best use of their response range.

Everything I have added can be reversed as I have not drilled any of the origional car components.

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