Cool Wall - F1 Liveries

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There have been some great, and some not so great, liveries on Formula 1 cars over the decades. Let's see what everyone comes up with to go on this cool wall for F1 liveries.

Mine is one of my favourite, or more strange liveries which featured on the BAR 01.


[i]Before the 1999 season had even started, BAR ran into trouble with the FIA. BAR wanted to have a different livery on each car, as their showcars did. Jacques Villeneuve's car was to display Lucky Strike branding and Ricardo Zonta's car to have 555 branding. The FIA's regulations state that both cars must have the same liveries, with only minor differences such as the car number, driver's nationality flag and name. A quick-fix design was created by having a dual livery where one side of the car had Lucky Strike branding and the other side had 555 branding. Both of these were cigarette brands owned by the team's parent company, British American Tobacco. The car's livery then had a "zip" up the centre which spread wide at the end of the nosecone to allow other sponsors not to be affected by the dual colour deisgn. [/i]

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