Quinn Insurance Back In Business.

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Following on from my previous post (on the old forum) I can advise that the FSA have reversed their decision and as of the 22nd April, Quinns are allowed to write motor insurance once again. The restrictions placed on their other contracts remain in force. This could be good news for lots of young drivers as they were of course extremely competitive, especially for young males. It is not known if their rates will have altered so all you can do is get a quote in the normal way. Prospective clients should not be unduly worried by recent events as even if their permission was to be withdrawn once again, policies would remain in force and therefore claims would be paid.

Quinns situation has had a lot to do with "politics" rather than any thing else and after a challenge in the courts it would seem that the FSA regulators have had to back down a little.

Please note that I cannot write business with Quinns as this is a "direct to the public" operation but I thought it worth passing on for all of those of you who have youngsters insured with them or sons/daughters who will need insurance soon.

If you need anymore information on this or general insurance advice, please contact me.


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The saga goes on.

The Irish regulator has allowd Quinns to write new business. But they have placed restrictions on themas to what they can write, The stated that they were trying to protect Quinns for punative losses in the uk insurance maket.

Accordingly they have restricted Quinns to writing business for Provisional Licence holders only. Do they not know that learners pass their test at some point?


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It's all over the news here (Ireland) today that the administrators are looking for 800 redundancys at Quinn! The workers are up in arms saying that if they allowed them to continue with the UK business these jobs could be saved. Who knows what politics are at work behind the scenes!

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