Evora Wins BBC Top Gear Magazine Sports Car Year 2009

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The Lotus Evora was selected by Top Gear magazine and online teams as the best Sports Car of the last 12 months. The Top Gear Awards, now in their 10th year, searched for the most exciting and innovative sports car of this year. The awards are not only well established, but are also truly global, running across 24 international editions and Top Gear websites in the UK, US and Australia.

Conor McNicholas, Editor of BBC Top Gear magazine commented “It’s pretty, quintessentially British, fast and handles like a dream. Evora takes Lotus to a new place in terms of quality but more importantly delivers a sports car rush that puts other marques to shame.”

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus plc said, "I am delighted that the Evora has won the Top Gear award for Sports Car of the Year 2009. Top Gear is very well regarded around the world and it is a fantastic achievement for all who have worked on the Evora to win such a prestigious award.”

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[b]Shoot-Out: Lotus Evora vs Porsche Cayman[/b]

Porsche and Lotus have impeccable reputations for producing cars with sublime handling, but only recently have they both released cars that are direct competitors. Porsche’s Cayman is one of the sharpest driving cars on the planet, but can the fantastic new Lotus Evora better it? Tiff heads to the famously twisty Anglesey race circuit in Wales to find out.

[url="http://fwd.five.tv/fifth-gear/videos/shoot-outs/shoot-out-lotus-evora-vs-porsche-cayman"]Click here to watch[/url]

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