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After selling my Elan M100 last Summer, and spending nearly 7 months looking towards buying an Exige S2 those of you who aren't already aware I have finally found the Exige for me. It's a standard 2006 Exige S 220 with the touring pack and an uprated sports exhaust (sounds ace!). Can't wait to pick it up soon and get out in it come Spring. Thought I'd post a photo but I will get more in due course.


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[quote name='DustyM' date='21 January 2011 - 10:36 PM' timestamp='1295649368' post='2391']
Superb, when do you collect it.
Next Saturday, can't wait! :D

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Successfully collected the car this morning and had a brilliant, yet cautious, 2 hour drive home. As you can imagine I arrived home with a massive smile on my face, overwhelmed by the drive and stunned by the cars vigorous performance. I can safely say that during my first drive I have barley touched upon the limits of the Exige, so I am greatly looking forward to the year ahead and many more to come. Hopefully I will get some good 'arty' photos on-line soon. I'm sure it will make a good new project for Tash and her camera.


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Great car CJ. Just be careful especially in the wet. Are you sure your not related to Rob Hesketh?
I am out in the silver ghost today...might see you
Chris M

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In true Lotus fashion I arrived late by 30 minutes to pick-up Tash from the train station because of having to jump start the Exige after being sat for 3 weeks. Never the less we took it for a good drive on Saturday and even managed to take a recreation of the photo which was published in Evo 89 using a fellow orange Exige (Cup 240).


On the slipway to the River Severn
Orange meets orange for the first time



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