1968 Ford Lotus Escort

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[b]1968 Ford Lotus Escort[/b]
£65,000[url="javascript:void(0)"][img]http://cdn.images.pistonheads.com/aimg/1502/1502459-1t.jpg[/img] [/url][url="javascript:void(0)"][img]http://cdn.images.pistonheads.com/aimg/1502/1502459-2t.jpg[/img] [/url][url="javascript:void(0)"][img]http://cdn.images.pistonheads.com/aimg/1502/1502459-3t.jpg[/img] [/url]
[url="javascript:void(0)"][img]http://cdn.images.pistonheads.com/aimg/1502/1502459-4t.jpg[/img] [/url][url="javascript:void(0)"][img]http://cdn.images.pistonheads.com/aimg/1502/1502459-5t.jpg[/img] [/url]1968 Ford Lotus Escort
White, lotus twin cam, original!, been in dry storage for 25 years, just being re-commissioned and can be prepared for historic racing very rare car. 1 of 200 ever made!

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Such Escorts & Lotus Cortina's always have high asking prices if they're pukka.
Trouble is, I'm told, there are non-pukka ones out there.
Oh & subsequently some engineless Elans!
Must admit, my favourite of that era is the Lancia Fulvia HF (drools)


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