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[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][size="3"][/size]well mine's up for test next week , always get a nice christmas present.
My possible worries are - Handbrake, emmisions & Headlamps, but so far I've not had too many problems.
It's usually because low mileage causes stiffness & electrical faults.
Do any other owners have problems with the annual test?

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My experiences have not been too bad.
My 1970 Elan has a pretty good handbrake but it is nowhere as good as modern handbrakes.
Make sure the tester knows he's testing an older Car.
Beware of testers that use a crow bar for checking suspension play.
One dumb guy(bit my tongue there :angry: ) put a nasty kink in a tubular wishbone with his wonder tool!
All he had to do was to open his eyes to see that the whole suspension was brand new!
One problem I regularly have is that some of the electrical components don't work.
When this first happened I fitted a new windscreen washer pump because I thought it had packed up but the fault lay with the Switch.
Lack of use was the problem.
Exercise all of the switches well before going to the testing station, to ensure that they all work first time around. ;)
Check around underneath the Car & make a good job of cleaning any oil off; testers don't like oil.
If your car has grease nipples, squeeze some fresh grease in & leave a witness of fresh grease.
That leaves a good impression of regular maintenance. ;)

Good luck.

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Pete, a lot of words of wisdom from John. I always remember the old saying for classic/older cars - 'Use it or lose it' - try and use everything on the car each time you take it out, especially electrical items, - I hope the MOT man gives you a clean bill of health.

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[font="Arial"]Thanks chaps v good advise.
yes I did eventually dig it out yesterday and gave it a run so all went well.
not many miles on the clock from last year - but it is used regular - so keeps active.
just for a change the electrics did work ok lets hope they stay that way.
Slight play in the rack & slow windscreen wiper , I guess I'll have to open my wallet again.
So 12mths "ticket to ride"

happy new year everyone.

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Good to hear Pete.
It'd be interesting to read about what preparatory work you did & what you found that needed attention.
Part of your happy new Year is now assured, having an older Lotus with an MOT.


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Yes it was plain sailing this year probably because I was using it during the winter on last years ticket.
There are plenty of guides about which tell you what to look for, but I must have had 60+ MOT's done by now
so I should know what to look for.

I think I read some where that Tyres & Lights were top of the list and there's really no excuse for not
checking those just before you drive down to the station.

[i]( best way to wind up the tester is to push the car into his garage & drop oil over his newly painted workshop floor - Ha )[/i][font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][size="3"][/size]

I guess most problems are due to non use or damp weather.
Any part which has "Lu--s" on it is quite likely to be quite worn after 25+ years ( even less)
I put some lube down the wiper spindle which freed off the wipe but it's not brilliant.
I've just had the windscreen replaced as it had a big crack - easy to spot!!

These cars are low value so repairs are usually order of the day.
I find it anoying that not all the parts are easy to find the origional vehicle eg. Steering , alternator etc.
as Lotus parts ( if obtainable) are so expensive & the volume user's prices and availability are usually good.

We are perhaps lucky that Lotusbits can supply so much at a good price for the Eclat, I don't know about the others.
I do have problems with the M100 but at least that still has a reasonable value.

Good luck with the Elan,

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