New Lotus for Christmas?


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Well here I go again, I'm about to get my next Lotus, the seventh actually. I sell one then say I won't replace it just yet, then a few days later I'm trawling around the website classifieds looking for the next and I'm off again, but who cares? its my hobby, I don't smoke, I hardly drink and my only gambling is with the buy and sell prices of Lotuses.
So I've had two Europas, Elan +2, M100, Elise S1, S2 and now I'm back with a shiney red Elise S1 which I hope the snow won't prevent me from collecting this weekend.
Still, excitement is brewing and I'm looking forward to those drives down decent cross country roads with the growl of the sports exhaust in my ears and the pop & bang of the overun through the cat by-pass pipe...great!
You could say its my Christmas present to me, much better than socks, aftershave or ties. So is there anyone else getting ready to purchase a Lotus? it for Christmas or the new year - I know there is one CJ on the look out for the right orange Exige!


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you make your life sound a tad tedious but hey that new Toy will brighten life up for you.
I did notice you didn't mention Women though :D:D:D

Have a good Weekend
(Perhaps Sir needs something?) ;)

P.S. Does it have a fix for the much talked about Cyl.-Head Coolant leakage problem?

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No problem with the women in my life John, its just general work pressures sometimes get a bit too much, especially as I work with a grumpy football supporter that has no interest in Lotus whatsoever, but then again I have no interest in that footy game either.
The cylinder head/gasket should be good, the present owner for the last five years is a Cosworth engine engineer so if nothing else that should be fine.
I don't need "something for the weekend Sir?"....I run on unleaded!
Have a good one Sir John...if its as cold over there as it is here then you better put another log on the fire!

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Almost here Tim clean my lotus to take you there to pick up tomorrow are wait its red and its close to Christmas so Rudolf will be home soon. [img][/img]

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This is my first attempt sending anything on the forum so please excuse any mistakes.

My name is Ron from Scotland, I have just collected my second lotus after a gap of 30 odd years, my first one was a S4, I collected on Friday 26/11/2010 my "new" 20 years old M100. I was looking forward to getting out this weekend to play however 6" of snow put a stop to that. Once I can work out what to do I will post a couple of pictures



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Welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club Forum and the car for Christmas
Good news Tim got his today Sun came out and a great drive home,
I'm sure here post photos soon Chris could you show our members how to use photobucket to add photos .


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Didn't take you long to find one Tim, we were only talking about it at the NEC!

Is it an early one?

Yes Jon, I decided at the NEC thats what I wanted, as you said, an S1 with sports exhaust , etc.
I found this one just down the road from me, owned by a guy who works at Cosworth and has cherrished it for the last five years. Its red (I'm sure you have worked that out as Eddie calls it Rudolf!) its a '99 S1 with S2 suspension, sports ex., cat bypass and some sort of hot looking air filter. Its raw and noisy...just what I wanted. Otherwise its standard and I love it. Just waiting for some time to have a proper fiddle with it, then hopefully some better weather although it was very bright cold and dry yesterday when we collected it.
Looking forward to getting out & about in it soon.
Will sort out some photo's once I have time to post them (and work out how to do please Chris!).
Cheers, Tim.

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