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Can you correctly name these cars that look like Lotus, but are not except one?   

1   screen-capture-2.png.46848865c67fd580f3819c934175e79f.png   2screen-capture-5.png.bb03e1a34dcff31da8a98472466de661.png   3screen-capture-4.png.b8ddf223494170181d6a972eff943e02.png   4screen-capture-6.png.f305ccd2eb0b5e6e0e243530856d7f46.png   5screen-capture.png.f5b82b6780a84cd4767ddf80ebeaf44c.png 6s2.jpg.f9be9f6c4a550479e829277f670f706a.jpg

s1.jpg.2f1fee6acdac1eb3edcf377e7bc9e789.jpg  8 781897601_DSCF4007(1).jpg.01a99d6022ae86e4eff5a3384cbc41d8.jpg     9screen-capture-8.png.c390a4fbf904dd88f327436243b24174.png              10 Essen110019AA.jpg.305cbfcd81b4d4dfe43db08351ac2b05.jpg




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Answers for anyone interested. 1, not an Elan but a Cord, 2, Not an Elise but an MG TF, 3, Not an M100 side light but a McClaren F1, 4, Not an Elan but an Alfa Romeo 105,  5,Yes a Lotus Cortina, 6, Not an M100 Elan but a Corvette, 7, Not a Europa but a Ginetta, 8, Not a Lotus 11 but a  Ford Corvair special, 9, Not an Elan but another Ginetta, 10. not a Lotus 23, it's a Simca!


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