Yorkshire Lotus Drivers Club / Lotus Seven Club

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Yorkshire Lotus Drivers Club / Lotus Seven Club

This is my inaugural welcome message to members of the LDC in N E Yorkshire region since agreeing with Colin Smith to take on the role of AR for the region. This, of course, is part of the collaboration of two car clubs, the LDC and the Lotus 7 Club, and, as joint AR for the N E Yorks area of the Lotus 7 Club, taking on the LDC role seemed a sensible thing to do.

I've just sent out my regular monthly reminder to the 7 Club members of our monthly meeting and I hope that you will join us. The next one (always the 3rd Wednesday each month) is Wednesday 15th January 2020. It's held at the Gold Cup Inn, Low Catton, YO41 1EA. This is central to the members in our area at present, better for some than others of course. We tend to gather at 7'ish onwards, most eat, but it's not obligatory. There's usually upwards of 20 of us, plenty of couples, we're not a group of "beards" standing at the bar and are quite a sociable lot. I'm afraid this time of year our 7s are tucked in the garage and we resort to the tintop, although MX5s make an appearance. Just take it steady over the speed bumps on the pub drive if you come in something sporty.

Just a couple of words of introduction. As a retired "old boy" I came late to the 7 party, but now have 2. A 270R ex-academy car used for track and sprints and a CSR200 for touring. We also have a 2006 Lotus Europa S, and I've been a member of LDC for a few years now, as well as Club Lotus. In my youth I've had an Elan+2, Europa TwinCam and (he says with tears in his eyes) an early Lotus Cortina. My car enthusiasm is mirrored by my wife who is current, but soon due to relinquish, chair of the 7 Club. I've been joint AR for this region with Adrian for the last couple of years. I've a few friends with Lotus running through their core and have been to various meetings in and around our area over the years, so we might have already met.

This may not be the best time of year to meet up, but let's see how it goes. It will be good to get to know you.

Roger Abbott

Lotus 7 Club - Yorkshire

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