Announcing a new cooperation between the Lotus Drivers and Lotus Seven Clubs

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The Lotus Drivers Club and the Lotus Seven Club are pleased to announce a pilot cooperation in several areas of the country with the objective of pooling our resources to increase the number and variety of events and meetings available to members of both clubs. We also hope that the increased variety of Lotus and Caterham cars at all events will only add to the experience for everyone. 

The heritage of Lotus & Caterham Sevens is very valued and respected by LDC and acknowledged as the core DNA of all modern Lotus cars. The current Caterham range remains true to Colin Chapman’s ultra-lightweight concept of the Lotus Seven. As the newer models move ever upwards in specification and refinement, albeit with all their 1.8 and 3.5 litre Toyota engines now being supercharged, this inevitably leads to increased weight. However, Lotus still regard this lightweight philosophy as a core value and all Lotus cars remain true sports cars with class-leading legendary Lotus performance and handling for their size and specification. There is a great mutual interest in the range of cars owned by members of our two clubs and we have already seen a great camaraderie at joint meetings. We hope that this initiative will improve the clubs offerings to all our members in the areas being trialled and lead to a greater level of cooperation in the future.

The areas initially being trialled are Yorkshire, Kent, Devon & Cornwall and Norfolk & Suffolk


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