1962 Lotus Seven Restoration


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Thought I'd start a thread on the Seven I'm restoring, I bought it in the summer and am hoping to have it finished for next spring.

As bought, it had been highly modified for racing in the past and been off the road since 1985.


It came with a spare chassis which is fortunate as the original was past restoring, even the spare one needed a considerable amount of work. I had it soda blasted first.

All the parts marked with an X needed replacing



And I added in some extra section where they won't be seen to aid the fitment of seatbelts etc



The remainder of the car was stripped



Whilst waiting for the chassis to return from the powder-coaters I've rebuilt the engine.



Hopefully I'll get the chassis panelled with it's new aluminium skin over the Christmas break

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Spent some more time on this project over the break.

Chassis back from the powder coaters. Along with the back axle an suspension components.


Fitting the new aluminium skin panels starting with the floor.


Then foot boxes


Side and rear panels



Couldn't resist dropping in the gauges to see how it looked.


Just the centre tunnel to do and then trial fit the wings and nose cone.

Happy New Year to All


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Spent a few more hours on the Seven this week,

Got the Gearbox tunnel fitted after running the wiring and front to back brake pipe.


Then trial fitted the scuttle, nose cone, bonnet and lights



And finished off the gearbox rebuild.


Trial fit of the wings next



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Spent the last week or so trying to figure out the wiring, got there in the end and it all works icon_cheers.png

Not exactly the most exciting thing to photograph so just the one picture.


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Again, not the most exciting thing to report but I got the back axle finished this weekend ready to go in.

It's originally from a Standard 10 but with a few strengthening bars welded on and also the ratio lowered a bit from the Standard 10s 4.55 to 4.11 using Herald parts....


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Spent the last few weekends trying to get something resembling a shine on the aluminium panels. At times very frustrating but it came out OK in the end.

Also fitted the front and rear suspension.



not exactly mirror finish but I'm happy enough.


Just waiting for a few parts before it can come off the trestles and the engine can go in.

Getting excited now......

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Strapping the bonnet down to allow fitment of the catches, or perhaps I'll leave the ratchet straps they look quite fetching in blue!

The original screen frame also came up quite well (new glass though)


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Well done, looks like fun.

I'll start a thread on the rebuild of my Caterham following an accident.

Hi Norman, I read your rebuild story on your website, very good read!

You could serialise it for Chicane, I'm sure Tim would be keen to include it?


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Ok a bit more progress to report this time.

I got the fuel tank painted and fitted, I've cheated a bit in that the original car would never have had a fuel gauge but I like my luxuries (!) so I got a sender unit fitted to the tank and have included a fuel gauge under the dash.


I also got the interior side panels fitted


Next was to trial fit the front wings, this took a bit of trial and error, on and off, as you need to bend the supporting brackets to get the best fit but can't do this with them on the car.


Having got them where I want them I then took them off again for painting

Next a job I have been waiting for and a bit of a milestone, fitting the engine and gearbox, finally got it in around Midnight one evening last week.


And spent this morning connecting various things up.



I can hear the sound of it running in my head, a bit to do before it becomes reality though....


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