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Hello Neil. Congratulations on a lovely purchase and welcome to LDC.

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Hi Neil, Car looks fab!

Hope you can make it to some LDC meetings.

Enjoy the car.


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Congrats Neil, look forward to seeing you at some events in the future.

All the best.


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    • By redlotus143
      Hello guys! New member here. Hope to build platonic relationship with everyone.
    • By Series1
      I thought I would introduce myself as I am new to the Lotus Drivers Club Forum (actually any forum), I have owned an Elise S1 for over 12 years, it's a low mileage 98 model, used for the occasional blast down county roads, it's a great car, I will never let it go!
      I also bought an Esprit S1 a couple of years ago and although it was MOT'd and fully running my intension is to perform a complete restoration. I ran it for a year to see what issues there are (many of course!) and now it's off the road waiting for me to start in anger. I am sure it will make me angry every now and again :-) . The car is complete, but I want to change a few items to return as much originality as possible and make some improvements, such as galvanise the chassis.
      That's my cars, so a little about myself, I am a Cornishman living in West Sussex, where I am a Quality Manager for a car manufacturer. As well as my Lotus's (can someone confirm to me what the plural is for Lotus?) I occasionally race 250cc Gearbox super karts, I also sometimes ride my CBR600 motorbike and cycle quite allot. I also built a Robin Hood S7 (it was all I could afford at the time) nearly 20 years ago, which is currently festering on my drive, having not driven it since I bought the Elise!
      I hope to get involved and contribute to the forum, probably I will be looking for advice for my Esprit restoration and an original steering wheel!