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Winter Tyres and Speed Awareness Courses

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Winter Tyres may not be an issue for your Lotus, but it seems that more and more people are fitting “winter tyres” in time for any bad weather on their “normal” car. Having driven on these myself I can see the benefit; the car is better controlled and can reduce stopping distances considerably.  I would suggest that you advise your insurers as these tyres may not have the same speed rating of the standard equipment.  We generally find that if the tyres are of the same dimension’s as the standard equipment insurers are normally ok about this, unfortunately one or two do take a different view. It’s worth checking with your insurer before spending the money only to find its not acceptable to your insurer or they want a large extra premium!


Speed Awareness Courses are offered to drivers who have been found to be speeding. Most people offered the course jump at the chance, no points on your licence, no fine and no load to your insurance premium. But that is NOT always the case!

You might have only been “a little bit naughty” but never the less you were speeding and some insurers consider this to be a material fact. A material fact is, “anything that might influence the acceptance of the policy or influence the premium should be disclosed to your insurer”. The good news is that most take the view that as you weren’t convicted of the offence they will not penalise you. However, there are one or two that do, and it seems that some of the “direct” insurers are choosing to load premiums.  However, please don’t “forget” to mention it as failure to do so might invalidate your cover, but, if the company you are with do intend to load the premium you should seek alternative quotes.

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