Do NOT exceed the mileage limits on your insurance policy

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On most classic insurance and most bespoke schemes, you may have elected for a mileage limit on your policy. The mileage limit reduces the premium you pay but they do become a condition or warranty of the policy. Do not exceed these limits as it will invalidate your policy and cover will be void! 

On vehicles that have MOTs it is easy for insurers to check your mileage year to year, if you say you only do 5000 miles a year but the MOTs say 7000 or your milometer reading at the time of an accident shows you have exceeded the limit, you are in trouble. Insurers can and do reject claims, not only the damage to your car but if you damaged someone's car by running into the back of it, you could be liable for that cost as well.

Our own limited mileage Lotus policy does allow you to increase the mileage if you are running short, this summer has been great and we have had a number of requests to do just that. Please be diligent, an innocent mistake could be very expensive and leave you without cover. There are no grey areas here so make sure you stay within your limit or extend cover if need be.


Routen Chaplin

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Thanks for the comments, I think I sent something in a while back and it didn't make the editors cut.

Insurance is a bit boring, no one wants it till they have had a bump, and us mortals that work in it are often thought of as sharks or worse, lower than estate agents!

So I'm not sure longer articles are required, I'll keep dripping information here if it seems relevant, short and sweet.

Next up winter tyres and speed awareness courses? Watch this space!



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