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Central locking help required!

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Any ideas....

2010 Exige 260

Central locking worked fine up until the day before I went to Silverstone Classic. Car locks with fob (single push on logo button), but then push the central button and the drivers door doesn't open, just the indicators flash twice. Second push on central button passenger door opens, but drivers door still locked.

Car battery is fine, though have disconnected and re-connected it and have tried changing the batteries in the fob and using the spare key - all making no difference

Appreciate any advice.

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Could be the central locking motor on the drivers door lock has failed or the wiring to it is damaged/come off.  I had this happen to a Vauxhall Insignia I once owned, the lock motor had died.

Sorry no idea how you get to the lock motor though. Hopefully someone with knowledge of the Exige will come along soon.


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