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New MOT Rules

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On the 20th May this year the current MOT rules change. For newer cars they become stricter with new areas to be tested such as daytime running lights,  reversing lights, brake pad warning lights and it will take a much tougher stance on emissions and particularly on diesel vehicles.

On the other side of the coin is is the fact that vehicles over 40 years old will no longer need an MOT unless they have been significantly altered. So most Loti first registered before May 1978 should be exempt,  you will need to declare the vehicle as such when you tax the vehicle, even thought it is tax exempt anyway. However if the car has been modified or what DVLA consider to be significantly altered then the car will still need to have an MOT test.

The DVLA definition of substantially changed vehicles includes items like engines, so Elans fitted with Ford Ztec engines will have to undertake the new stricter MOT, Chassis of the "same pattern" as the original are not considered as a substantial change but I am not quite sure if a space frame Spyder chassis is the same pattern as a folded steel chassis? I would not think it is but who knows what DVLA will think of them. I know of other substantially changed Loti such as Excels with V8 engines in them etc and they will certainly have to take the MOT test.

From an insurance point of view the lack of an MOT is not an issue, in all motor policies there is a clause that states, "a vehicle must be kept in a road worthy condition at all times" so nothing has changed in that respect, so if you have bald tyres, can see the road through the floor of the car, you are already in trouble anyway!  

This is a rolling exemption and as cars become 40 years old they fall into this group, so most Loti up to and including early Esprits should qualify but you will have to register it as MOT exempt.


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