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2012 S3 Elise S (220PS) for sale

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Hi all,

If anyone's on the look out for an S3 starlight black Elise with red leather interior - this might be for you.

My Elise is up for sale after 3 years of ownership bliss. (No, I'm not 100% sure of how I'll cope parting with my first Lotus either, but it's all in the aim of getting another Lotus in time)

It's up on Autotrader:

Apologies if this is not the right way of advertising on the Forum, will amend as necessary ?

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris

Your advert no longer appears to be on Autotrader.  I'm hoping that means your Elise sold quickly and for a price you're happy with?

If so, that means currently you not a Lotus owner ?.  I note you have future plans though - care to elaborate...

Keep in touch and all the best


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Hi Mark,

Yes sold. ?

Trying to sell privately was OK  - just annoying when people back out at the last minute. In the end I sold to Stratton Motor Company, accepted a lower offer obviously to get this plan of mine started. Next time with more time I'd probably do Sale or Return - seems a best compromise of price and effort.

It's a long term plan of investment,retirement planning & general change of approach to life. Unless one of the new models coming out in 2020/21 that are rumored costs a bit less than an Evora I might not own another Lotus for 8-10 years, as I really want an Evora 410 (I should never have gone for a test ?

Whatever happens I'll be back in a Lotus at some point.


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