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Hi Everyone, New here, great to be here!!!

 My dream has always been to own a Lotus 7 S2.

 Of course being of humble stock I could never afford to buy one outright!

 So, with some money coming my way, I have decided to try and make/build a replica here in the UK.

It won't be for racing just to drive around in. I want it (Prisoner Style)!

 I haven't a clue where to start but I am trying to find someone who makes and sells a Lotus 7 S2 frame.

Can anyone help with the following... What engine was in the Prisoner one? what gearbox? axel?

 Can anyone suggest  makers names for a matching engine + gearbox+ Prop shaft+ axel that would all work together? Old BMC of something else.

 Any suggestions much appreciated!

 Make an old guys dream come true (53)

 Thanks a million, Best,


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Arch motors make the chassis, always have and still in business. You could call them and find out but it won't be cheap.

01480 459661 They are in Huntingdon

Google them!




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