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2017 Guest Speakers At The Bull Inn

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The Bull Inn, Hinton, Chippenham, SN14 8HG

April 4th Richard Noble O.B.E.

May 2nd Christabel Carlisle
On her motor racing career.

June 6th Malcolm “The Gin” Ginsberg
On LOTUS Formula One in the 1960s and 1970s.

July 4th Warwick Banks
On TYRRELL F1 racing team and on his European and British saloon car racing career.

August 1st Simon Taylor
Motorsport journalist.

September 5th #1 Ian Phillips
On his involvement in many F1 teams.

September 19th #2 Brian Angus
Recently retired Senior Engineer at Lotus on engineering at LOTUS.

October 3rd Martin Birrane
Of LOLA on Lola racing cars and his involvement in motorsport.

November 7th Herbie Blash
Deputy Director of Racing for Formula One’s FIA organization.

December 5th Rosemary Smith
On her rallying and racing career.

All meetings are subject to last minute changes beyond our control. Members are advised to check before travelling long distances. For more information contact Rob Ford: r.ford@lotusdriversclub.org.uk

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