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Guest Speaker Stuart Turner “Mr Rally”

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Monday 13 March 2017 at B.A.W.A. in Bristol.

Guest speaker Stuart Turner “Mr RALLY” for BMC motorsport and FORD motorsport the working title is “A Misspent Life in Motorsport”.

Venue is the B.A.W.A. centre in Bristol. Meeting starts at 8pm and will finish at about 10pm. Directions to BAWA. Do please mention this meeting to your friends it should be a cracking evening.

Any queries contact Rob Ford: r.ford@lotusdriversclub.org.uk (07812 353 976).


Stuart co-drove in factory cars for Austin Healey, Auto Union, Alfa Romeo, MG , Mercedes, Saab and Triumph and competed on major events like the Mille Miglia and the Monte Carlo, Alpine, Liege and Tulip rallies. He was champion navigator for the first two years of the British Rally Championship and  won  the 1960 RAC Rally with Erik Carlsson in a Saab.

He became Sports Editor of ‘Motoring News’, where he created the MN Rally Championship, then Competitions Manager at BMC during the glory days of the Mini Coopers on Monte Carlo Rallies.

He spent two years as Publicity Manager at Castrol where  he began the motor club support  programme of quizzes etc.  and was on the organising committee member and a travelling marshal on the London to Sydney Marathon.

He then became Competitions Manager at Ford of Britain when the Escort was supreme and he  also ran the Advanced Vehicle Operations factory making Escort Mexicos and RS2000s.

After a spell as Director of Public Affairs at Ford of Britain, he  moved  back into the sport as Director of Motorsport for Ford of Europe where he initiated the Sierra Cosworth, RS200 and Escort Cosworth before retiring.

Stuart was awarded an Autosport Award  in 1990 and the Prince Michael Award of Merit in 2009, both for services to motorsport.

He is the author of over 20 books on motorsport, business and public speaking, including a biography of Pat Moss Carlsson, Harnessing Horsepower .  He has also written a Haynes Manual.  No, not on Minis or Escorts but on retirement, although he shows little signs of doing so himself as he is heavily involved with the Motorsport Safety Fund, a charity producing films and publications to help keep the sport safe.

He is the winner of a Benedictine After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award

Stuart does not charge a fee or expenses so any proceeds can all go to charity.

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