Cheshire Members

Recommended Posts we have any?......

I organise 3 events through the year ......1 rally (The Serpentine Charity Run) 1 hillclimb (Cholmondeley Pageant) and 1 race weekend (Oulton Park Gold Cup)..... and have monthly meetings........every month

I very rarely see any LDC members........just wondered if there was something I was doing wrong.......

answers on a postcard.....

(seriously tho' comments would be good..........)

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I can assure you there are members and Lotus enthusiasts in the Cheshire region. We have been trying for some time to improve communication and attendance with each regional area but to be honest there are those who are some what reluctant it appears to communicate outside their area. Our Midlands meetings are booming with consistently good attendance thanks to Eddie's immense effort on here and on social media. I can certainly help promote the events and meetings in the Cheshire area using the clubs social media channels, the website and of course this forum.

Please feel free to email me at with any updates or requests or simply post them on the forum.

Also, you can email to publish any information in Chicane.

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