LDC Fantasy F1 2014 Competition

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Welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club Fantasy F1 2014 Competition

To enter please select the next race and make your prediction for pole position, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. This is how you will score points during the competition:

15 points for correctly guessing the driver on pole position

10 points for naming 1 of the top 3 in their correct finishing position
20 points for naming 2 of the top 3 in their correct finishing position
50 points for naming all 3 podium places in the correct finishing position


5 points if your driver finishes 1 place off the position you predicted (Top 3 only)
5 points for correctly guessing if the Safety Car is deployed during the race
10 points for correctly guessing the number of DNF’s


For one race only, you can choose to double up meaning you will be awarded double points for any correct predictions. The closing time for submitting your race prediction is 48 hours before the race starts.


The competition winner will be the person with the most points accumulated over the 2014 season. The winner will be awarded a years free membership to the Lotus Drivers Club and subscription to Chicane.


You must be logged in with your forum account to enter.


Click here to enter!

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The process to enter is as easy as 1,2,3  B)


1. Click here to enter!

2. Select log in here and enter your forum username and password

3. Select the race and submit your prediction


You can update a race prediction up to 48 hours before the race starts on a Sunday by logging back in and updating your prediction.

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The closing date for entering predictions for the Australian GP is less than a week away now so come on get your predictions submitted  :wacko:

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Great Idea.


Just logged in my team.  Can't wait for the new season, I think it will be chaotic for some of the early races and then it will settle down when the normal teams with the big budgets/resources will come good. I think some of the smaller teams could be up there to kick off with. I think Eddie is brave to double up now with no form to work from, perhaps he's got some inside information.

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Congratulations Kim and Paul, leaders after Australia and to Tash for being the only entry to correctly predict the DNF's.


What did everyone think of the first race?

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Are update the red bull are removed from 2nd place .


Results have been updated. Congratulations Matt  :D

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Rubbish sound from the new cars, just not LOUD enough!


The "youngsters" did well and looked confident. Mercedes class of the field.  McLaren look in good shape and if JB had qualified higher he would have been right up there and despite all their pre season woes the Red Bulls don't look half bad, a few more races and they will be able to take the fight to Mercedes, just need a bit more from the engine now. Lotus poor and I think it will be difficult for them to bounce back, perhaps not till half way through the season.


Shame for Riciardo, drove very well and looked good, I think he stands a good chance on appeal if what Christian Horner was saying was true, sounds more feasible for the FIA data to be wrong rather than Red Bull but we will have to wait and see. If he wins appeal do we alter our results? Could be a nightmare as CH there have been lots of problems with the FIA system.


Malaysia here we come!  

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