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Lotus Gathering in Herts May 9th 2010.

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NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! Low Flying in Herts.
Lotus in Herts May Breakfast Run to Panshanger Aerodrome, near Welwyn Garden City. Sunday 9.30am May 9th 2010 for ALL Lotus associated cars.

A Club Elite and Club Lotus promoted event. Inspired by an event which takes place in Sussex, Lotus Racer and collector Malcolm Ricketts and Club Lotus' Alan Morgan among other Lotus enthusiasts from the Hertfordshire area are organizing the first Lotus breakfast at Panshanger Aerodrome near Welwyn Garden City on Sunday May 9th.

Cars are expected arrive around 9.30 and the cafe on the airfield called Out of the Box will be open for breakfasts, the event will be over by lunch time. Lotus of all years are welcome from Old and noisy to New and quiet, open or closed top from the gangliest to the latest 2010 swish machine.

Why Panshanger? It's got Lotus History. In the fifties and sixties Lotus used it as a service centre and storage. At one time complete unsold Lotus Formula Fords along with other Lotus chassis and bodies were stockpiled at this WWII dummy airbase designed to attract enemy aircraft away from the nearby Hatfield aerodrome and De Havilland manufacturing base.

Lotus co-founder Hazel Chapman learnt to fly here on the real bit of the airfield which is still working being the base for The North London Flying School for small aircraft and helicopters and will be offering sky rides.
Entry is free to all Lotus Owners and Panshanger is One mile off the A414 along Panshanger Lane - 500yds from the Welwyn Garden City roundabout towards Hertford.

9.30-10.00: Arrive at Panshanger tea/coffee.
10.00 : Breakfast at Out of the Box Cafe.
11.00: Welcome to Panshanger & Airfield Lotus Tour.
11.30: Informal talk in bar area from guest speaker (tba) on history of
Lotus cars at Panshanger.
12.00: Pre-flight briefing for those who book to go flying.
12.30 - 14.00: Flights or lunch for those not flying.

The rest of the day open for those who wish to stay or leave early.
Anyone wishing to do so should book flights before the event (contact their website).
A Piper Archer (4 seater plane) at £29 per person
for 30 mins or a Piper Cherokee (2 seater plane) for £74.99.
Queries contact R.Dixon on

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[quote name='trigger' date='07 May 2010 - 01:08 PM' timestamp='1273234132' post='428']
Thanks for the update dikko, hopefully the weather will be on your side.
and above me too I hope!

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It would be great to see Malcolm Ricketts again could be a early start ??
Eddie. <_<[font="Verdana, arial, sans-serif"][size="3"][color="#000000"][size="3"][b] [/b][/size][/color][/size][/font]

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