Jake is looking for an Excel

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Jake my son is only 11 but has spent years with me working on Lotus cars as my little helper, he is now dead set on an Excel.

He only has £250 I said I would match it to get him a car.

I have a few 912 Engines and can do most stuff on old Lotuses myself.

I know hes not going to get a good car for the money, just something that we can work on together and that he can feel its his.

I was hoping to maybe put a bit more towards it now as its nearly Xmas and it could be a good christmas gift to.

If anyone can help me find a car for Jake I would be very greatfull

Best Wishes


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Well done Matt ! ! what a fabulous clip....brought a tear to my eye -just brilliant!

What a lucky and well deserving lad Jake is, I don't know of any other Dad like Matt...we all want and need one.

Can't wait to see it up and running, although it looks pretty good anyway, I wonder what the driving test centre will think when he turns up for his driving test when he's seventeen - L plates will look good with the colour I think, makes my purple Hillman Imp that I learnt to drive in look a bit naff!

See you soon Lotus guru and his little helper.


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Yes I did here but it was a Santa Surprise great car like the colour. Eddie .

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Hi yes


I was going to do a write up on the whole story and jake was going to help as alot of you know him well (But hes had alot of home work), but you beat me to it..


I kept watching jake looking at the Excel on our stand at the NEC, and asking the owner lots of questions. He also spent alot of time with the people on the Lotus Excel stand where they gave him a indepth tour and spent alot of time with him. since that time Jake seemed to really set his heart on one, he had saved up £250 over the last two years to put towards a Lotus car when he could afford one.


I had posted up here (above), on the Lotus forum and Lotus that I was looking for a Excel for jake I had to block the sites on our router so Jake would not see the posts.


I was lucky, a nice chap from the Lotus Excel forum offered me a car before christmas for £500

Pictures below !


Condition when the car was collected before jake seen the car



I gave the car a good wash, repaired and refitted the door handle on the passanger side so jake could open the drivers door on christmas day

The inside was very wet as the car had stood for 5 years with the drivers door jammed open a bit.


We have been working on the car quite a bit. This is a picture of us repairing the driver side door beam as the drivers side door hinge was broken.



We have also removed all the wet interior.


Jake will keep you posted of our progress



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