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  1. PSpanakos

    Academic research about ownership expirience

    @ GrumpyBodger it doen't require a lot of scepsis give it a try!!! @ Tigger thanks for your participation!!
  2. Hey everybody, I am an MSc student and I’m undertaking a research about what sports car owners love most about their cars. If you would like to help me, click the link below to answer the questionnaire. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. This survey is for academic purposes only and is not related with any product or brand. I am mostly interested about the opinions of owners but enthusiasts are also welcomed. Since this is a thread, you are more than welcomed to post any comments regarding the questionnaire or anything else you feel you need to share about your cars. Thank you for your participation. [size=3][url=""]http://www.eSurveysP...57-a959e810ab3d[/url] [/size]