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  1. Good stuff...hopefully resolved soon and out driving it👍 P.s since discovered the airbag appeared in the Elise when it became Toyota powered. ATB Andy.
  2. Hi there, You don’t say what year your Elise is but It may be worth finding out first if yours came with an airbag in the first place! If it wasn’t fitted with one originally then surely you don’t need to fit one now. Mines an 02 S2 and the factory fitted wheel is airbag less. Regards. Andy
  3. Took advantage of a nice afternoon and went for a spin in the Elan, called in at C & M. ..
  4. Cheers Andy, Type 25, ‘02, had since new...7000 miles on the clock. Hopefully the LDC will do a driving adventure up to your area sometime and I’ll be up in the white Elan. ATB.
  5. Hi Andy, Here's my 3 Elan's and an Elise....
  6. Evora upgrade Ed?....this may tempt you...https://www.lotussilverstone.co.uk/vehicle-details/Lotus-Evora-U148/👌
  7. Looks like Biscester Heritage have got plans...http://bicesterheritage.co.uk/about/future/.....big plans!
  8. Hi all, One year in....what do you think? I for one am liking it, good format, varied content, informative and some good pics! As long as it keeps to an even balance between old an New I’m happy, don’t want to see it full of the latest car road tests. Nice to see the much underrated.wedges featured in the latest issue and Mike Stripes Elite looking lovely, well done James! Looking forward to a group Elan feature at some point. Andy.
  9. Decided on an extra winter job...seat retrim for my S3 Elan...
  10. Thanks Chris, can only do the Saturday as I’m at this show on the Sunday...http://www.carsatthespa.co.uk/ if anyone’s interested? Andy.
  11. See you there. oh...and lunch booked at the Stag.🍽 👍
  12. Hi Akajak, Check out the above thread....it’s been discussed! (date should read 28/4/19.) Andy.
  13. Hi folks. Here’s another one for the diary and recommend.. .https://classicmotorhub.com/shop/coffee-and-classics-classic-motor-hub-april-2019/ First Sunday of the month from April to October. Pre booking essential.....modern classics accepted..(.unless you have a Porsche)👍😊
  14. Wish I shared your optimism Ed, Club Lotus bring a few elans, do they book using the LDC code? There was a couple of Esprits an Excel and a 70’s Elite, not LDC members as I’m aware. I reckon we’d struggle to get more than half a dozen......but you never know.
  15. Hi Andy, Sure we will...we do um all! Eddie King’s our ‘Scrambler’ he’ll post up ticket and promo code details as soon as he has them. While on the subject I see there planning a ‘Super scramble’ in June. https://bicesterheritage.co.uk/whaton/superscramble/ Warwickshire Andy.
  16. Also found this one....https://classic-supercars.co.uk/ Although it’s a couple of weeks earlier, July 21st and the weekend before the Silverstone Classic.
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