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  1. sinbad

    Pembrokeshire - 3 - 6 May 2019

    Hi David, Booked and looking forward to another Pembrokeshire driving adventure!👍 Andy.
  2. Hi fellow LDCers, A little way off I know and weather dependent but I thought I’d flag this one up... . for a good cause as well. Andy.
  3. sinbad

    New year day Cotswold meet

    Also booked.👍
  4. sinbad

    Wanted..Elan air-box/trunking jubilee clip

    Still looking....🤞🤔
  5. Hi folks, Long shot but someone may have what I’m after in an odds and ends box in the garage... Im after an original large diameter 4’’+ ( 100mm+) double wire jubilee clip that fastens the air filter trunking to the air box on an early Elan. Could get a repro but would like an original. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  6. Less than a fortnight to go.... Cars polished and ready for its show debut.🚗( it’s not red) 👌 Stand 360, Hall 2....see you there. Andy.
  7. Agree....pretty inconvenient day and time to hold the AGM IMO. Rules out more than one or two members from attending. Andy.
  8. sinbad

    Is this the most expensive Lotus ever?

    Naa..... $1,100,000.....
  9. Hi Kim, Thanks for the update....interesting. I’m intending to continue to MOT my cars, I like the idea of being forewarned of any potential mechanical failures and I’m sure it’ll help when time comes to sell that I’ve a fist full of MOT certificates.👍 Andy.
  10. sinbad

    New member, just south of Bedford area

    You certainly have done it properly!👍 Welcome to the Lotus Drivers Club!
  11. Not long to go now.....just over 3 weeks and counting..... The biggest and best classic car show of the year.👍 Come and see us in Hall 2 stand 360. We’ve at least 2 new show standard cars, recently purchased by LDC members...🤔 worth the admission fee alone👍
  12. sinbad

    S1 Exige ££££!

    S1 Exige anyone? Nice car this but big £££££ wow! Alternatively you could put a bid in on this one... Good Luck!
  13. sinbad

    S1 Exige ££££!

    Seems a few are turning up all off a’s another... looks awesome in red!🚗👍
  14. Hi fellow LDCer’s If anyone’s interested, i know of the availability of a yellow car pass and x2 tickets, be a shame to waste um....even though it would mean one less in the queue! Andy.
  15. sinbad

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi Andy, From looking at this link... looks like it’s buried somewhere to the right of the steering wheel, behind the light switch panel...nice. Seems access is surprise there then! Best of luck. P.S hope you’ve got small hands!🤔
  16. sinbad

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    Hi there, Ok I know this is for the S2 Elise but it maybe of some help... Good luck.
  17. Nice car Nige....just love those alloys.👌
  18. Hi Graham, Welcome to the club and congrats on your fine purchase.. ...enjoy!👍 P.S The Hilltop breakfast meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month is always worth a visit, not far for you. Andy.
  19. Hi folks, Anybody fancy getting their car out this Sunday, 2nd, and heading down the Cotswolds for breakfast? Meet up here from 10ock....... I’m going so hope to see somebody there! Andy.
  20. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Here you go mate..... How many kids you got?😁
  21. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Thank you to all that showed up..... Eddie, Kev & Colin in their Evora’s and Kathryn in the M100.👍 Hope you enjoyed the breakfast and had safe journeys home. Till next time... Andy.
  22. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    👍 Nice morning for a drive.....see you later. Thanks.
  23. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    It is! Highly recommend the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs👌 Be good to see you Colin. p.s I’d recommend to anybody travelling down the Fosse, through Morton, to avoid Stow and cut through the village of Longborough, brings you out on the A424, take a right and the cafes 100yrds on the left.
  24. Good question Kev🤔 Bit spoilt for choice, if it’s dry the Elise, if it’s dry and bright the S2 Elan and if it’s iffy an S3 Elan. Oh and if it’s s**t I’ve always got the Voltus! See you there.
  25. Hi Kev, If you haven’t been before your in for a real treat! see you there. Andy.