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  1. Hi Joe, Welcome to the LDC forum. Gorgeous car. Cats certainly got the cream! Andy.
  2. sinbad

    Caffeine & Machine

    Thanks We’ll have to get something sorted all book up the same time slot one weekend.
  3. sinbad

    Caffeine & Machine

    Visited last night....
  4. Hi Simon. Welcome to the LDC forum, sorry but I can’t give you any practical advice re your window motor but I’ve found these guys...https://lotuselan.net/forums/index.php...are a very helpful and knowledgable bunch. Worth logging on and posting your problem there, I’m sure your not the first Elan owner that’s had window issues! Andy.
  5. Assuming that this event goes ahead, will the club still be attending?
  6. sinbad


    Hope you’re all keeping well. Just wondering whether the club would consider this event again this year....as a season opener! Subject to it going ahead of course. http://www.sywellclassic.co.uk Andy.
  7. Hi Trevor, Hi and welcome to the forum. I believe the latches, as the interior handles, are Morris Marina or so I was lead to believe. Maybe worth giving these guys a call, sure they’d be able to tell you or help you out. https://www.lotus-supplies.com Stay safe. Andy.
  8. Go for it....nothing to lose....you’ll get a full refund if it doesn’t go ahead anyway.
  9. sinbad

    Caffeine & Machine

    C & M today...only Lotus there at the time....if the weather's fair will pay a visit next Sunday after Ed's Hilltop brekky meet.... anybody interested?
  10. Hi all.... unfortunately due to waterlogged overflow parking the inaugural Cotswold Food store car meet had been cancelled. First meet will now take place on Tuesday 7th April and monthly there after. Planning to do July 4th one.
  11. https://classicmotorhub.com/shop/drive-it-day-2020-classic-motor-hub-april-26th/ There’s also this event and it’s free....just have to register. Numbers are limited.
  12. sinbad

    Caffeine & Machine

    Happy new year all! Anyone attending Ed’s midlands breakfast meet up at Hilltop this Sunday fancy extending their morning a little and joining us in popping down to C&M.....see what’s about? Its a fiver entry, which is partly redeemable against a coffee or other beverage....️ Andy
  13. Nice one ..Carl? Guarantee you won’t be disappointed booking on this driving adventure...a great weekend driving some great roads in great car’s with....err... a great bunch of people! Good to meet a new member. Andy.
  14. Hi all...Happy New year! Thought I’d just flag this one up for next year.... The Food Store is hosting a monthly cars & coffee event, first Tuesday of the month starting in March.....