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  1. Big and small C & M has it all.....picture accreditation.....Kathryn👌
  2. Hi there, Welcome to the LDC and it’s forum. Nice car you’ve got there.....enjoy! The midlands area have a monthly meet at Hilltop Farm shop/cafe, Fosse Way, just outside Leamington Spa, second Sunday from 9 o’clock and it so happens to be tomorrow, so if you fancy a run out in the morning it’ll be good to see you there. ATB. Andy
  3. Hi all, Looks like it’s gonna be a cracking weekend for the Mike Stripe memorial event.....☀️ Enjoy the BBQ tonight! See you in the morning for the drive out....🚘..👍
  4. Purple people eater......😈 C & M this evening.
  5. https://allonwhite.co.uk/used-lotus-cars-for-sale-uk/1995-lotus-elan-s2-limited-edition-norfolk-mustard-st1168 Nice car that.....👍
  6. Thanks to all those who attended today.....
  7. Nice one James...be good to see you and the Elite there.👍
  8. Nice one Kev👍.....Clare gets an extra hour sleeps for this one😊 10 am. Think I’ll take the 25... See you there.
  9. sinbad


    Hi Sarah, According to this..http://www.lotuselancentral.com/repair/timing.htm 16 degrees btdc ( before top dead centre ) I’d recommend you give James a call at The South West Lotus Centre, he’s LDC and knows all things M100. http://www.thelotuscentre.com/ Andy.
  10. Hi all, Anybody up for a Cotswolds brekky meet up this Sunday 19th May...https://www.cotswoldfoodstore.com/ If you are it’s 10 am.....hour later than Ed’s😀...hopefully see a few there.👍 Andy.
  11. Don’t forget this one folks...defo worth a visit.👍
  12. Presilli Hill's, Pembrokeshire. David, Great weekend.. thourghly enjoyed that, good company, good food and even sorted the weather for us....thanks for organizing it along with Sian and not forgetting Chris & Tash. Well done! Andy.
  13. Ditto... Your hard works much appreciated... thanks David. Andy.
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