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  1. Hi and welcome to the LDC and it’s forum Great car, love the colour...sure you’ll find some great roads to drive over there. As above, not sure much goes on re regular meets in NI....maybe when this Covid s**t is done with you could start something up. Pick a suitable venue, get the word out on social media, LDC Facebook and here and see what occurs. Good luck, enjoy your car. and the scenery.
  2. . Nice one Kev...I did have an idea you might have got one of them. Looks great, you pleased with it?
  3. Good call Kev....we’ve got Saturday tickets rolled over from this years cancellation. By the way...I know you were thinking about it, but did you ever change your Evora for an Elise?
  4. The you don’t have to go back to work the day after!
  5. Hi Ed, Yes , being an outdoor event it looks good to go. See you there. Unfortunately I see that the NEC classic car show, being an indoor event, has been shelved this year.
  6. Hi folks, Booked to pay a visit on Sunday 13th...12.30-3.00 o’clock slot. Pre-booked ticket only. Going up after Ed’s Hilltop breakfast meet if anyone fancies joining me. Andy.
  7. Hi all, See you there Ed. If anyone’s interested I’ve booked to go up to C & M after, 12.30 -3.00 slot. Andy.
  8. Good day at the Hub.... plenty of Lotus.
  9. Hi there folks, Just booked for the afternoon at this event .... Be nice to see a few Lotus there... Andy.
  10. Hi all, Although I won’t be attending this, we’re going next year as part of a Lotus Driving Academy package, I can recommend this place as alternative accommodation.... Stayed there last week and for the 70th also The Fox and Hounds in the village does great food.
  11. Hi Joe, Welcome to the LDC forum. Gorgeous car. Cats certainly got the cream! Andy.
  12. Thanks We’ll have to get something sorted all book up the same time slot one weekend.
  13. Visited last night....
  14. Hi Simon. Welcome to the LDC forum, sorry but I can’t give you any practical advice re your window motor but I’ve found these guys... a very helpful and knowledgable bunch. Worth logging on and posting your problem there, I’m sure your not the first Elan owner that’s had window issues! Andy.