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  1. Nice one James...be good to see you and the Elite there.👍
  2. Nice one Kev👍.....Clare gets an extra hour sleeps for this one😊 10 am. Think I’ll take the 25... See you there.
  3. sinbad


    Hi Sarah, According to this..http://www.lotuselancentral.com/repair/timing.htm 16 degrees btdc ( before top dead centre ) I’d recommend you give James a call at The South West Lotus Centre, he’s LDC and knows all things M100. http://www.thelotuscentre.com/ Andy.
  4. Hi all, Anybody up for a Cotswolds brekky meet up this Sunday 19th May...https://www.cotswoldfoodstore.com/ If you are it’s 10 am.....hour later than Ed’s😀...hopefully see a few there.👍 Andy.
  5. Don’t forget this one folks...defo worth a visit.👍
  6. Presilli Hill's, Pembrokeshire. David, Great weekend.. thourghly enjoyed that, good company, good food and even sorted the weather for us....thanks for organizing it along with Sian and not forgetting Chris & Tash. Well done! Andy.
  7. Ditto... Your hard works much appreciated... thanks David. Andy.
  8. Hi Danny, Lunch stop in Abergavenny at 12..ish. Andy.
  9. Hi there, Most people start arriving in Saundersfoot from about 4 o’clock, check in at their accommodation and then gravitate towards the bar🍺🍷 at the Gower. See you at the bar! Andy.
  10. Hey, don’t push it...took me 6 years and 3 different phones to work out how to post pics!😆
  11. Hi there, Gates open at 9, so I’d aim for that, can get quite busy on the roads surrounding the site. see you there. Andy.
  12. Hi Tom, I’ve just tried it and had no problem. Went to the events section and clicked the red box ‘buy tickets’....all good.
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