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  1. Lotus F1 memorabilia

    Here’s your chance to.own a bit of Senna/Lotus F1 memorabilia... May have to dig deep though.
  2. Well done Carol👍👏 I’ve taken to carrying a couple of LDC business cards in me wallet. Very handy on the occasion that I bump into another Lotus owner.....not literally.😁
  3. Hi Ade, I’d give Matt /Jake a call and I’ll also mention it to Matt at the AGM. Cheers.
  4. Yep, just the one day.....Sunday. Always well attended with up to 60 cars. Andy.
  5. Real or Repro?

    Cheers mate, sound advice. I’ve also compared it to mine and they look the real deal. Seller tells a good story, 34 creates of NOS Lotus goodies but need to be sure at £115 a pop. l’m up at Mattys this week, I’ll ask there opinion first. Thanks
  6. Real or Repro?

    Hi folks, The steering wheel horn push badge on me S2 Elan is looking a bit tired and I’ve found these on eBay... Anyone out there in Lotus land bought one or know someone who has? Anyone know the seller, Midlands based? They look right but real or repro? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  7. Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    Is this VX 220 part on eBay compatible? What with Lotus being legendary parts bin divers I’d be surprised if it’s a bespoke part.....Vauxhall?
  8. Andy-S3 Elan- Harbour Parking- Gower- Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  9. Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    Hi Damsel, Found this at a place called Elise-shop. Com( new to me) apparently got a U.K. base as well.. ... Not sure what model Elise it fits though.
  10. Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    Hi Nicola, Just had a scout around the www and found DouglasVallley Breakers. They are breaking this SC Elise.. Worth a try. Andy
  11. Colin, I think you’ll find the charge is to feed the ticket machine in the car park, think it would be a bit of a pain collecting money in advance and then someone (CJ) having to buy a ticket for every car. Easier if people pay on arrival. Add me to the list. Andy- Lotus.
  12. LF 1

    One for you Colin! 👍
  13. Hidy-ho from Nottingham

    Awesome car! There’ll be some orange envy on this forum for a nice way of course! See if you can get to the Sunday scramble at Bicester in April. Welcome. Andy
  14. 40+ cars....proper👍 Gonna be a great display.👌
  15. Nice M100

    Anybody in the market for a nice M100... This may be the one🤔 Very nice.