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  1. This arty pic of me car appeared in an article about the Hub.s New Year’s Day meet... .. Not sure what there about but they take some nice car pics.πŸ‘
  2. sinbad

    Sunday Scramble - 6 January 2019

  3. sinbad

    Sunday Scramble - 6 January 2019

    Nice M100 at Bicester today...πŸ‘
  4. YerπŸ‘ ...always carry a Shed load of spares with me but think it’s getting a little out of hand!😁
  5. Thanks Chris πŸ‘ As you can see me Elan was literally dwarfed by the latest suv mini ! A great selection of cars, from a Maclaren Senna to a Morris minor rag top! Good way to spend New Year’s Day.πŸ‘
  6. Hi Kathryn, Happy to rv pre meet. Burford? p.m.sent. Andy
  7. sinbad

    The Elan bible

    Hi fellow early Elan owners, Just in case you didn’t know a 2nd edition of Brian Bucklands book on rebuilding the Elan S1-S4 has been published which includes an updated engine chapter. Available as a soft back now and later as a ring binder edition. If you have the 1st edition a supplement will also be forthcoming. Late crimbo presentπŸ‘ .
  8. Hi David, Glad you can now make it, count us in for a Saturday meet up..... possible venue? Merry Christmas. Andy.
  9. Hi Adrian, I’m thinking along similar lines, join you on the Saturday morning for the day, evening meal, stay the night, do breakfast and probably the midday meal.( which I take is pay on the day) Seems straight forward enough to book. p.s if your looking for a coffe stop I can recommend here... plenty of parking, good coffee & cake. Merry Christmas all! Andy.
  10. sinbad

    Entertaining car advert

  11. sinbad

    Winter Projects

    Sounds like your be busy there Mark. Just one thing...stickery bits..πŸ€”πŸ˜Š
  12. sinbad

    Winter Projects

    This years winter jobs..... The carburettors on the S2 Elan are being refurbished by Alan at Carbcare.. and the wheels on me S3 are with Paul at Redditch Shotblasting.... having a nice coat of silver powder coat applied, with a set of new spinners should look the business.πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ Anybody else got jobs to do on their cars?
  13. sinbad

    Wanted..Elan air-box/trunking jubilee clip

    Hi Carl, Thanks for your reply. I’ve come across that one before, along with a few others, Kelvedon Lotus also do one, but I’m after a 100% original. Has to have the correct screw, domed headed, round and slotted.....Oh, and patina! The search goes on...... p.s...When it comes to Elans I’ve learnt NEVER throw anything away even if it’s broken! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  14. sinbad

    Hi, New Member from Northamptonshire

    Yep, just outside, on the fosse way.