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  1. Exige S

    Nice Exige S this......
  2. Elise Cup 260

    Dave, place your order..... With the Lotus Exclusive Dept on the case it could be!🚙 Happy Christmas mate!
  3. Orange Exige

    Oop’s maybe not.....old photo.
  4. Orange Exige

    Nice to see Chris’s old S2 Exige has stayed within the club. Pic of it up North at the Lancs/Cum meet.
  5. Elise Cup 260

    Mark, thanks for postin’ this...the ultimate Elise for sure.👍
  6. S1 Elise Sport190

    Found this in the classified’s... Seem’s that S1 Exige prices have moved on to the hotter Elise’s. Nice car, but 42k?
  7. Lancashire and Cumbria meet

    Looks like the inaugural meeting in the Lancs/Cumbria area was well supported. Welldone to the organisers. Maybe an area to explore in a future LDC driving adventure?🚗🚗 Andy.
  8. Great weekend! Thanks Eddie and Matt for organising and for inviting me too be part of it, always good to meet and chat to other Lotus owners. ’till the next time. Andy.
  9. Extreme Exige

    Check out the most extreme edition of the Exige yet.....cup 430.
  10. S1 Elan

    Ok, how about this lovely early S1 Elan for sale... Elan’s seem to have been painted in various shades of yellow but I do like this one.....mellow👍
  11. Yep, fingers crossed 🤞 for a dry drive in. See you all tomorrow afternoon.
  12. New owner of a Lotus - With some questions!

    Hi John, Welcome to LDC! Nice car but having not ventured into Esprit ownership(yet) I’m sorry I can’t give you much advice on the water pump issue, but defo give James a call at S/W lotus he knows his stuff for sure. Im at the NEC Sat/Sun manning the stand, so seek us out and say hello, we’re in Hall 2, apparently opposite the car auction so don’t wave your arms around to much as you may end up with another car😀! Andy.
  13. Elan +2 TV car

    Anyone looking for a plus 2 Elan and appear on an upcoming TV show buying it? Sounds like a classic car make over show, aka Wheeler Dealers, to be aired in the new year. Strong money for it though.
  14. Guitars and cars

    😁 I can assure you there’s nothing dodgy about his guitar playin’!🎸👍
  15. Guitars and cars

    Hi folks, Anybody out there into their blues rock guitarists? If you are check out Kenny Wayne Shepherd, saw him the other night....awesome! He also happens to be well into his cars. Check out his garage...