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  1. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Hi Mark, My pleasure and thank you and Lucinda for making the effort to join us!πŸ‘ Thanks also to Doug, Colin and Dean....till next time.🍳 Andy.
  2. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Hi Ed, Bought an o ring, a side light bezel and a set of chrome wheel trims!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š But this is tempting ... oh and this..... πŸš™πŸš—πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  3. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Nice one Doug....that makes 3 Elans. see you in the morning.
  4. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    ☹️ πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  5. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    No worries mate, another time...enjoy your weekend. ATB Andy.
  6. sinbad

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Hi all, I’m heading down Cotswolds way this Sunday (18th)....anyone up for another brekky meet-up? 10 am.... Weathers looking dry and bright if a little chilly....hood down, woolly hat on.🧣 πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Andy.
  7. sinbad

    Pembrokeshire - 3 - 6 May 2019

    Hi David, Booked and looking forward to another Pembrokeshire driving adventure!? Andy.
  8. Hi fellow LDCers, A little way off I know and weather dependent but I thought I’d flag this one up... . for a good cause as well. Andy.
  9. sinbad

    Wanted..Elan air-box/trunking jubilee clip

    Still looking....??
  10. Less than a fortnight to go.... Cars polished and ready for its show debut.?( it’s not red) ? Stand 360, Hall 2....see you there. Andy.
  11. Agree....pretty inconvenient day and time to hold the AGM IMO. Rules out more than one or two members from attending. Andy.
  12. sinbad

    Is this the most expensive Lotus ever?

    Naa..... $1,100,000.....
  13. Hi Kim, Thanks for the update....interesting. I’m intending to continue to MOT my cars, I like the idea of being forewarned of any potential mechanical failures and I’m sure it’ll help when time comes to sell that I’ve a fist full of MOT certificates.? Andy.