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  1. nige-s4s

    Garage Servicing Recommendations

    Another one for Gav unit 4 does a great job paul matty only if you wanna be charged a obscene amount of money
  2. nige-s4s

    Europa S resistor pack

    Anyone fitted one to and Exige , anyone capable of fitting one , anyone want to fit one to my car for a fee Please
  3. nige-s4s

    Sunday Scramble 2017

    8 . Nigel - Europa S
  4. nige-s4s

    Sunday Scramble 2017

    Opps i did not scroll down far enough we are there and two cars booked in
  5. nige-s4s

    Sunday Scramble 2017

    Are we still waiting conformation from bicester,cos went to book in and LDC not on drop down box as club attending yet
  6. nige-s4s

    Sunday Scramble 2017

    If your booking the LDC in does that mean we dont have to buy advance tickets
  7. Stand would have looked better if you had the new Europa standing next to old Europa
  8. 7 - Nigel europa s 8 - Ade Esprit GT3 So if its a bit tricky to get to the museum(to aviod bus lane) are we meeting up somewhere and going in formation
  9. i got mine and Ade's tickets via the TLF and that comes with VIP parking, so is the LDC stand in the VIP parking area,even if its not I would still park with you guys just need a clue on where it will be
  10. Ooo is that what people are doing hill top breakfast and then on to hatton
  11. yup thats another thing that seem too easy i did not have to say which day im going