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  1. So that’s two from west Wales heading up there to fly the flag
  2. This is my other “Lotus” developed on the Hethel track, by father and son Lotus engineers, cylinder head work done by a Classic Team Lotus guru a Lotus badge and in typical Lotus fashion most of the car has been thrown away to achieve lightness😳😀
  3. Ps- I thought I’d sent the above post last night, honestly it’s not the drink getting the better of me
  4. Thanks to all who gathered with us at Broadway Towers yesterday and for such a convivial evening gathering. Andy’s choice of restaurant was great, Marks choice of hotel excellent and LCD company always a pleasure. Thanks also to all on the committee whose tireless efforts on our behalf has made this such a great club to be proud to be a member of. What a great way to start another season of Lotus driving adventures.
  5. Hi Tom and welcome to LDC, I am based in Ammanford but also spend a lot of time in Saundersfoot and as Chris says it would be great if you could join us on our LDC Pembrokeshire Driving Adventure. I also plan to arrange a few weekend drive meets as the summer progresses. I also endorse what Chris says regarding servicing and there is also Qmech near Bridgend to consider.
  6. And us really looking forward to seeing everyone
  7. And here’s mine photo taken on the LDC southwest tour by Sue Harding
  8. Thank you Colin as you’ve given us an excuse for a weekend away and a reason to tax the Exige. And I get Sunday lunch 😀😀😀
  9. Thanks Del unfortunately they have no availability so I’m afraid we won’t be joining you there but will see you both at Shelsley
  10. Sian is not on for camping either do you have any contact details for the lion inn please. If you don’t mind LDC company
  11. Ferry deposit now paid so we are definitely going to Ireland. Something to really look forward to😀
  12. Mark I really like the idea of Broadway Tower as you say intriguing and somewhere we’ve never been. So shall we be decisive and declare this the appointed meeting place for around mid day on April 6th. Cheers Dave
  13. Hi Del / Colin we have also now booked the Premiere Travel Inn in Bangor. Next job is to sort out the ferry. cheers Dave & Sian
  14. Yes Del going to stay in the premier travel inn in Bangor it’s right alongside the bridge to Anglesey
  15. Much as Chedworth is intriguing I fully understand it is a fair way west to then have to drive up to Leamington. I’m presuming that travelling from London way you’d ideally use the M40 so after consulting my very big AA road atlas I’ve had two further thoughts to meet up around mid day, both just off the M40. The two are the Bicester Heritage Centre or Gaydon Motor Museum. Both would be roughly a 3 1/2 hour drive for us and I’m sure could provide tea and cakes (chocolate cake preferably)
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