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  1. I didn’t know the date of this until very recently so unfortunately will not be joining you all this year. It clashes with the ‘Vie en Bleu’ weekend at Prescott that I’m committed to attend. Hopefully next year it won’t clash and I’ll be able to attend. Prescott is a two day event so if anyone is passing by on Sunday would be great to see you. Enjoy at Coombe I’m sure it’ll be a great day.
  2. Is anyone planning to go to Combe this weekend?
  3. Tom can you look at your messages I’m trying. To get hold of you
  4. Final instructions as well. As some already know enter the village follow the one way system and enter the Harbour car park if you’ve prepaid for the secure parking. Post code for satnav is SA69 9HE. This year we are supplying way point post codes for those with satnav’s hopefully that will avoid members getting lost in the hinterland of middle Pembrokeshire.
  5. Ok folks this is official it’s ON. Just about got all the preparation work done so now it’s up to the weather and keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will enjoy the weekend.
  6. Any one short of a partner to navigate please let me know as there are local potential victims that could fill your passenger seat and point you roughly in the right direction.
  7. Looking forward to seeing you too Dean. cheers Dave
  8. Planning stage is now at critical heading towards meltdown😉booklets complete other than binding, food orders being sent to restaurants in the morning, maps being completed and encapsulated tomorrow sometime. Parking permits and disclaimer forms to be completed.Also need to ensure everyone who has contacted me is included in everything arranged. Exige needs petrol, bag needs packing and most importantly I need to work out how to assemble my lovely new LDC flag. One thing I guarantee is 6:00pm Friday Sian and I will be propping up the bar in the Gower Hotel glass in hand very grateful to all who have taken the time to come and support us in our very special little corner of Wales.
  9. worry not my spelling seems to have gone American!
  10. Any one short of a partner to navigate please let me know as there are local potential victims that could fill your passenger seat and point you roughly in the right direction. ps and you won’t be lost alone in Pembs
  11. Saturday and Sunday routes now completed. Hopefully everyone has now submitted their meal choices should they be joining the dining evenings. My biggest challenge at the moment is where to fly the club flag! At club HQ I’d the Gower or at the car park where the cars will be. Probably got more chance of surviving the weekend at the Gower rather than disappearing on a stag/ hen bus back to the valleys as a trophy😀😀😀
  12. Andy has been before so his planning is spot on. Happy hour in the Gower as well.
  13. V4FRP

    Hello from Pembs

    Hi Charles and welcome to LDC it’s great to hear from another west Wales owner. We spend a lot of weekends in Pembrokeshire based in Saundersfoot hence our event next weekend being based from the village. It would be great to see you and your car next weekend and on the Sunday the route I’ve proposed takes in the south Pembs coastline. If you’d like to get in touch to join us feel free to give me a ring on 07846602024 anytime and I can let you have more details. Sunday’s run will meet for afternoon tea at the Wolfscastle Hotel and finish back at the Harbour in Saundersfoot. We will be dining and drinking in the Gower hotel Saundersfoot on Sunday evening. I do intend to hold some Saturday lunchtime get togethers over the summer for west Wales members to all get to know each other better. There is no fixed meeting point as we are all spread over such a wide area so I thought it might be rather good if we altered the meeting to venues chosen over the summer by different members. I do realise this could be difficult for you fitting around your shift pattern but once organizing Pembrokeshire is out of the way I shall start some posts in the west Wales Area section. i hope we will see you at some point over next weekend. very best regards Dave B
  14. So that’s two from west Wales heading up there to fly the flag
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