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  1. Thank you Ian - very helpful.
  2. Latest update: My mechanic friend's expensive-looking professional computer thingy has managed to read the fault code. There's only one: P0606 "Processor control module". Researching this, it seems to be a pretty generic report that the PCM has had a wobbly. Mechanic friend cleared the code, and we ran the car up to temperature, revved it, left it idling for 20 minutes, revved it, and the MIL stayed off. Clearly I now need to give it some beans around the block (with wife or son following in potential rescue car!) and see if the problem recurs, but in advance of that, would anyone li
  3. OBD reader displays “Unable to connect to ECU”. Reader is known-good. Does this means the ECU itself is trashed? The frenetic clicking is without a doubt coming from the throttle body.
  4. Yup, I know them well, and I like them a lot. I’m just trying to minimise the financial implications ATM! But I’ll be off to Allon White in Cranfield in due course, I’m guessing.
  5. Thanks Eddie. South West Lotus serves Milton Keynes??
  6. My Elise S (Toyota 1ZZ engine) hadn’t been driven for 2-3 months, but it had been sat happily in the garage on a CTEK battery conditioner the whole time. I took it out yesterday, and after starting perfectly, 400m down the road it misfired once, the engine light came on, and then it staggered home increasingly slowly, misfiring all the way. Towards the end it stalled, and whilst it reluctantly restarted a couple of times, it ultimately refused to go at all. My lovely wife and our friend (also female) pushed the car the last 50m while I sat in it and steered (or at least claimed that I had to
  7. Thanks all. I will follow up on all of your suggestions.
  8. Hi all My annual service revealed a "very minor" gearbox selector shaft oil seal leak. I'm advised that the cost of the seal is £5.03, but that it requires the gearbox to be removed in order to fit it (10 hours labour: £750!!). Does this seem right? I’m stunned. (2007 Elise 'S' with Toyota 1ZZ engine.) Thanks
  9. My RHD 2007 Elise 'S' doesn't have the little footrest for the driver's left foot on the central tunnel like my previous S1 did. Is that normal, or has it fallen off? Thanks.
  10. The previous owner of my 2007 Elise 'S' fitted a Blaupunkt DAB radio/CD unit (I don't think this was standard Lotus spec, even with the touring pack). I get a decent FM radio signal, but can find no DAB stations at all. I suspect that it doesn't actually have a DAB aerial, but how can I tell? Secondly, assuming it doesn't have a DAB aerial, what type is easiest to fit in an S2? The S2 doesn't have the boot-mounted aerial like the S1 of course. Thanks for your opinions.
  11. Hi all. Joined up just before Christmas, unashamedly to get the Elise special edition of 'Chicane'! The S2 is about to come out of hibernation properly (It has stuck its head out once or twice in between the coldsnaps); anything happening in the Milton Keynes area? Regards.
  12. These guys are very good. You get to drive at Millbrook into the bargain. That doesn't just mean Alpine courses and banked ovals; there is also an awesome racetrack-like 'handling circuit', a skid pan and an intriguing 'mile-long straight' where you do emergency stops from 100mph :-0