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  1. Thanks all. I will follow up on all of your suggestions.
  2. Hi all My annual service revealed a "very minor" gearbox selector shaft oil seal leak. I'm advised that the cost of the seal is £5.03, but that it requires the gearbox to be removed in order to fit it (10 hours labour: £750!!). Does this seem right? I’m stunned. (2007 Elise 'S' with Toyota 1ZZ engine.) Thanks
  3. My RHD 2007 Elise 'S' doesn't have the little footrest for the driver's left foot on the central tunnel like my previous S1 did. Is that normal, or has it fallen off? Thanks.
  4. The previous owner of my 2007 Elise 'S' fitted a Blaupunkt DAB radio/CD unit (I don't think this was standard Lotus spec, even with the touring pack). I get a decent FM radio signal, but can find no DAB stations at all. I suspect that it doesn't actually have a DAB aerial, but how can I tell? Secondly, assuming it doesn't have a DAB aerial, what type is easiest to fit in an S2? The S2 doesn't have the boot-mounted aerial like the S1 of course. Thanks for your opinions.
  5. Hi all. Joined up just before Christmas, unashamedly to get the Elise special edition of 'Chicane'! The S2 is about to come out of hibernation properly (It has stuck its head out once or twice in between the coldsnaps); anything happening in the Milton Keynes area? Regards.
  6. These guys are very good. You get to drive at Millbrook into the bargain. That doesn't just mean Alpine courses and banked ovals; there is also an awesome racetrack-like 'handling circuit', a skid pan and an intriguing 'mile-long straight' where you do emergency stops from 100mph :-0 http://catdrivertraining.co.uk/
  7. [quote name='A7ESK' date='11 July 2011 - 01:05 PM' timestamp='1310385954' post='3645'] Simon and I were looked after by Julie, great day out what can i say, Pig Roast, Wine, Beer ,Pop ,Tea and met some Lotus drivers aswell and yes pudding too. Thank you Allon White's [/quote] I managed to miss the end of the hog, by virtue of gassing with the two of you for 30 minutes when I arrived! Was starvig by 2.00. Good to meet you both though. Getting the car booked into Guglielmi next week to look at those toe links etc. Neil
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