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    All things Lotus, motorsport, cycling, gardening, along with country walks with my wife and Greyhounds!
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    M100 Elan & a Super Lexus

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  1. Hi Dave, I have a ticket but won't be able to go now, PM me and I'll arrange to send it to you. Tim
  2. Tims

    Mike Murray

    Hi Mike. I suggest you look on www.elancentral.com you should be able to find what all the warning lights are for there. Hope you get the answer you want and become a M100 Elan owner. Tim
  3. My own wee model of my trusty, fabulous Elan ..well done Eddie, it looks great it now takes pride of place amongst my other models on display in the sitting room. Can't beat having the model to look at inside knowing I have the real think outside in the garage. The M100 is often miss-represented, often over looked but at last it seems to be gaining momentum again, values are on the rise. Good to own a nice original 'un-molested' example. Tim
  4. Tims

    Silverstone lotus

    Sorry Eddie, I'm trapped in the office today so can't oblige, next time let me know I'm sure I could help. Tim
  5. I just wanted to acknowledge the new Chicane 109. Well done David, great new look, crisp and very interesting, extremely well put together. I know only too well all the behind-the-scenes effort needed to put it together as I was Simon's predecessor for 5 years. Keep up the good work...you may get a medal one day ! Cheers, Tim
  6. I booked on-line easily last week, but then I'm in an 'Oldie but Goldie' so no problems (1990 M100) . Looking forward to a relaxing day in the sunshine with the LDC showing off all that's great in the Lotus world both old and new, will be a super day out, see you there. Tim
  7. Big thanks to everyone in the LDC for their sterling effort to keep the LDC on track and always moving forward. I should know after my nine years on the committee, I fully appreciate all the work that goes into it, not only front line but back-room un-sung heroes as well. You are all doing a fabulous job...well done you lot. Super venue, ideal for this type of meeting. Great to catch up with everyone, thanks for making us feel so very welcome. Couldn't quite believe the interest shown in my M100, I'm sure the yellow stripes on the seats make all the difference ! Here's looking forward to a super LDC 2017. Tim
  8. Chris, sounds good to me, I'm about to get back into the LDC fold with my new M100 so please include Sue and I on the list. I think the run will need at least one M100 to give a balance against all those Elise's & Exiges ! We'll probably stay on in Wales Saturday into Sunday. Cheers, Tim
  9. My tickets are now sold to LDC member. Tim
  10. Still got my two tickets for Saturday if anyone wants them as change of circumstances means I'm unable to go. Its £57.00 each to get in now so my two are a bargain at £50 the pair including in-field parking pass for LDC members and their Lotus. PM me if you want more details or want them. Thanks, Tim 
  11. My Silverstone Classic tickets are still for sale - the pair of tickets and the infield pass for Saturday 26th ...... please make me an offer, it will be a shame to waste them. Tim
  12. Due to a change in circumstances I'm unable to attend the Silverstone Classic this year. I have a pair of tickets ordered with in-field parking pass for Saturday 26th July. So if you missed out on the discounted offer and want these I'll sell them to an LDC member only for £55.00. I believe I can get the Lotus number plate of the infield pass changed to your car. Please PM me if you want more details. Tim
  13. Well done Matt you must be so proud of your achievements, it looks fab, probably just needs the obligatory 'Lotus only parking others will be crushed' sign on the wall although not sure you factored in planning permission for that!   Your man cave will be the envy of many a Lotus enthusiast, will be great to see the two Elan's once you have completed them to your ever exacting high standards.   See you at the AGM.   Tim
  14. Mine dropped through the letterbox this morning, managed to have scan through before work......wow what a super job Simon, you have done the club proud, number 100 will certainly go down in LDC history!   Having spent so much time putting Chicane together in the past I am in a good position to know just what a huge effort you have put into this special edition, great to see such a varied range of topics, all involved will be chuffed to see it in print. Now sit down, reflect and relax Simon, and pour yourself a large cold beer -you deserve it!   Tim.
  15. Thanks Chris, I think your tyres on the S2 were either 16" rather than the 15" as on mine or maybe a different profile because Michelin don't do a 205/50 R15 anymore so that seems to be why people look to other makes. I would like to stick to the nearest I can get as usually the car manufacturer has spent a lot of time making sure the tyres suit the model. I've looked on the Elan forum, a lot of guy's use the Toyo so I'll probably go for that unless anyone makes me the wiser. Tim