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  1. chevronb37

    Bruntingthorpe Charity Rides 2012

    Chris, have a look at the album on my Facebook page. Any you need just ask!
  2. chevronb37

    Bruntingthorpe Charity Rides 2012

    Mike - look away now! Gear linkage came loose but fixed at the trackside by Tony and uprated kit order from EliseParts for installation next week. Well done to all involved - great event, despite the brief vehicular hiccup! More photos to follow... [img][/img]
  3. chevronb37

    Chicane 95

    Chris - delighted you enjoyed the Dan Collins interview. He was the dream subject! Hopefully have some more interesting articles in forthcoming issues of Chicane as well.
  4. chevronb37

    Being a Lotus Champion

    [quote name='the83man' date='23 August 2011 - 08:59 AM' timestamp='1314089978' post='3868'] Surely you recognise a cynical marketing exercise when you see one.......... [/quote] Lotus? Cynical? Bahar? Marketing? I wouldn't hear of it, Mike!
  5. chevronb37

    Being a Lotus Champion

    Mega lame, sorry to hear that. I've heard nothing but that also means I've had no good news either. Weird format they are running with this one...
  6. chevronb37

    Being a Lotus Champion

    What do you mean you're out, Eddie?
  7. chevronb37

    EVO magazine Evora S competition

    Thanks, chaps. I figure there is some serious tactical voting going on here...
  8. chevronb37

    LDC Event Photos

    [quote name='trigger' date='16 August 2011 - 07:42 PM' timestamp='1313523773' post='3840'] I do like that car! Have you seen the hydraulic jacks it's got? [/quote] Yes - very impressive, mate! The whole thing is obviously very highly developed. So good it's still on its K too!
  9. chevronb37

    LDC Event Photos

    I've only got as far as adding one so far. The Fenns' Motorsport Elise: [img][/img]
  10. chevronb37

    My Lotus Elise 111s For Sale

    Surely you mean S1 Exige, Eddie?!
  11. chevronb37

    EVO magazine Evora S competition

    Chaps, Please accept my apologies for the gratuitous self-publication. Would you mind checking out my little road test of the new Evora S and hit me up with some stars if you like it? I'm desperate to win the prize as the opportunity to published monthly in EVO is amazing; quite apart from the chance to have an Evora S for a year. Any help in spreading the word would be massively appreciated. Link below. Thanks loads, Andy
  12. Did Tony get in touch about my (lack of) attendance? Issues at home have precluded my participation. Very best of luck to all of you and earn loads of money!
  13. I'll check the details Martin sent me. I think Tony & Fiona Pearman will be staying there as well so wondered about the wisdom of meal/drinks perhaps?
  14. chevronb37

    Hello from Chester!

    Hi Dave, I grew up near Chester - do you know the Tattenhall area? I now live in Leeds but will be staying with my parents this weekend and planning to take the Exige to Oulton Park so keep your eyes peeled! Any pics of your car so I know what to look out for when I'm in the area?
  15. I think I'm going to try that hotel in Hinkley overnight to save having to get back to Leeds afterwards. Anyone else stopping over?