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  1. Folks, Unfortunately it's looking unlikely that I will make it down to meet you, as I mentioned previously I can't come down at the weekend and it's not looking likely that I'll be able to take time out from work to come down during the week, which is a shame since it's almost on my door step. Would one of you PM me a mobile number in case I manage to head down one evening and I can find out where you are. Enjoy it, though I hope the weather improves a bit for you. Cheers Jon
  2. Looks like a good crowd, I'd better warn the locals! Oh and you'll need to draw staws to decide which car goes in front to clear the sheep [font="Arial"][size="2"]I had intended to come down for the first weekend unfortunately it turns out that the weekend you arrive is also the weekend of my son's Holy Communion (something I will not be allowed to miss!) So whilst I will try to get down to see you all at some point it will be during the week and I'll need to fit it around work.[/size][/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"]Anyway I'll figure that out nearer the time.[/size][/font] Cheers Jon
  3. DustyM

    CJ's Exige S

    Excellent stuff, looks great. Have fun with it but take care. Cheers Jon
  4. DustyM

    CJ's Exige S

    Superb, when do you collect it.
  5. Excellent, Some good roads / areas listed there. I won't make the whole week but I will come down for the Sun/Mon, and perhaps organise a few other local Lotus owners to do the same. Cheers Jon
  6. Yes, that would do me, superb colour
  7. That's been for sale for well over six months now - too expensive??
  8. Lime Green gets my vote
  9. DustyM

    Snow photos

    [quote name='Tims' date='03 December 2010 - 01:04 PM' timestamp='1291381484' post='2050'] but have a look at www.bbc.co.uk News and look at the 'Snowbound Britain' slideshow- absolute stunning snow pictures [/quote] Link [url="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11900122"]http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11900122[/url]
  10. Didn't take you long to find one Tim, we were only talking about it at the NEC! Is it an early one? Pictures......
  11. Nothing in the rule book that says you can't show a modified car on the stand, the exige on display this year was far from factory.
  12. [img]http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk10/A7ESK/P1030195-1.jpg[/img] Thanks for that Eddie, my best angle I think!! I got back at 8.15 this morning, knackered but all in one piece, the Seven is now safely back in the garage although it needs another good clean. I really enjoyed the show and yet again was made to feel very welcome so thanks to all who do the hard work behind the scenes and over the weekend. Big thumbs up to all. Cheers Jon
  13. All loaded up and ready for the trip. [IMG]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d15/dusty1609/IMG_8575.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Ok that's great, got notification this morning that my ferry (the fast one) has been cancelled and I'm on the earlier cruise ferry. So a 4am start for me tomorrow! Should be with you late afternoon. Cheers Jon