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  1. Good run out, nice selection of cars and a lovely brekky.
  2. I know someone who might be all over that Eddie 😀
  3. SkyBlue

    GoPro Request

    Hi Mark, Just seen that Aldi have these on sale from Sunday. https://www.aldi.co.uk/nextbase-212-dashboard-camera/p/016989284304900 Might be worth a punt for £50 Cheers Dean
  4. Fantastic weekend thanks to Dave & Sian, Chris & Tash for organising and all who attended for the great company and banter.
  5. Looking forward to it Dave. Thanks for all the hard work organising See you Friday Cheers Dean
  6. Hi Charles Welcome to LDC. As Chris says pop along to Saundersfoot and join us bank holiday weekend. Hope to see you there. Cheers
  7. Well done lads, another issue with LDC members cars featured. 👍
  8. Wouldn't have thought it would take an experienced mechanic 10hrs to get the gearbox out and back in. Have you had the work carried out? If not it might be worth taking it somewhere else to get a second opinion.
  9. Good for you Chris. Sorry I won't be there to see you win at Donington, but it is great news that the Elise Trophy has been saved and lives again. Hopefully I will make it to other rounds this year to see you race. Good Luck Cheers Dean
  10. Saturday / Sunday. 1. Eddie Sue Lotus Evora Both Days 2. Nigel & Pauline Europa SE 3. Livy Elise S1 Both days 4. Flaming June 5. ReeSprint 6. Ian & Kay Elise S2 7. Skyblue Elise S1 Sunday
  11. Same here I love the content. I have also happily renewed my subscription. 👍
  12. Looks lovely Andy.
  13. Glad you are sorted and it was a simple fix 👍
  14. Ah good old electrickery. Always worth checking earth straps have good connection to the chassis with no corrosion present and fixings are tight. Also worth checking battery connections are good too. HTH
  15. Welcome Gee I too got my S1 Elise in 2007. As Kim says we do tend to get out numbered by the newer Loti nowadays. Hope to meet you at an event soon Cheers Dean
  16. I have seen that car about in Nuneaton Eddie I recognise the reg Lady owner I believe. Cracking colour in the flesh.
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