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  1. SkyBlue

    New member

    Welcome to LDC Mike, Always good to welcome another S1 Elise owner to the Club. Cheers
  2. SkyBlue

    S1 Exige ££££!

    Nice original car, and of course we all know that red is the best colour too! 😀
  3. I can't see it being a problem pay on gate and then park with LDC cars the more the merrier. 👍
  4. Fair point made Chris. There did seem to be 2 or 3 different drones about over the course of the day. I just assumed they were the pro's but just shows what I know about flying drones. Excellent photo by the professionals though.
  5. How many members cars can you spot? I spotted 8
  6. As Colin says no info has been posted on what's going on with the club stand. Info I have found elsewhere seems to be based on the colour of the car pass you have. Yellow pass is parking by the test track for a parade lap later in the day. Green pass is club stand parking. So it is possible you may not be allowed access to park on the club stand based on the colour of the pass you have. Unless of course the club have available a green pass for you to be on the stand. I wait to be corrected but being as there is little info about, I thought I would share what I have found on other forums.
  7. Wow! Europa SE a very rare beast. That's gorgeous Nige
  8. SkyBlue

    Jim Clark’s Lotus Elite

    I think it having a new body will make it next to worthless, so I will offer 5k and take it off their hands 😉
  9. SkyBlue

    Hi from down South

    Welcome Nathan!
  10. Excellent day thank you to all involved with organising. Special thanks to chairman Colin for leading our group and finding all the horse doo!
  11. SkyBlue

    Central locking help required!

    Could be the central locking motor on the drivers door lock has failed or the wiring to it is damaged/come off. I had this happen to a Vauxhall Insignia I once owned, the lock motor had died. Sorry no idea how you get to the lock motor though. Hopefully someone with knowledge of the Exige will come along soon. cheers
  12. Very good info there Kim thanks for sharing. Ethanol not good news for older cars that sit about a fair bit with petrol in their fuel systems, that's 90% of all Lotus then!
  13. SkyBlue

    +1 Member

    Welcome Baz
  14. SkyBlue

    New to Lotus and welcomed warmly by LC

    Welcome to LDC glad you can now enjoy driving your car.
  15. SkyBlue

    Hello from herts

    Welcome Kev, Lovely looking car you have there. See you at a meet sometime. Cheers
  16. Weymouth here we come see you all soon
  17. SkyBlue

    Hi from Lancashire a new Exige Owner

    Welcome to LDC Lovely looking Exige you have, very shiny too Enjoy putting some miles on it Cheers
  18. I think Colin wants a place booking aswell Mark 😁
  19. Hi Mark, Could you add Lisa and I to your booking for Sat night too please. Cheers
  20. Here's a nicely done promo video for this event.
  21. Not one for the faint hearted! Could be a bargain for someone.
  22. SkyBlue

    5ltr V8 Eclat with serious grunt

    Blimey looks like something out of wacky races!