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  1. Ah good old electrickery. Always worth checking earth straps have good connection to the chassis with no corrosion present and fixings are tight. Also worth checking battery connections are good too. HTH
  2. Welcome Gee I too got my S1 Elise in 2007. As Kim says we do tend to get out numbered by the newer Loti nowadays. Hope to meet you at an event soon Cheers Dean
  3. I have seen that car about in Nuneaton Eddie I recognise the reg Lady owner I believe. Cracking colour in the flesh.
  4. So does that now put the onus on the club to ensure the balance is correct. Another possible sticky point, should a pre 1990 owner, at the last minute decide not to attend, then that possibly means a post 1990 owner won't get in. Sounds like a load of unnecessary complication to me.
  5. Welcome to LDC, look forward to meeting you in Pembrokeshire and probably the bar in the Gower. Cheers Dean
  6. Spotlessly clean carbs and engine bay you have there. Very nice πŸ‘
  7. Very nice indeed. Excellent work
  8. Hi Dean, Yes the secure parking is usually down at the harbour. There is a locked barrier at the entrance to the area we usually use. and yes Dave does like to sing! cheers Dean
  9. SkyBlue

    Race Retro

    Hoping to go Eddie unsure which day yet though.
  10. Welcome to LDC Tony
  11. Welcome to LDC Jells
  12. SkyBlue

    New member

    Welcome to LDC hope to meet you at an event sometime.
  13. Hope you managed to get the shed home without it falling off the back of the Elan Andy 😁
  14. Excellent news, glad it is now in safe hands.
  15. That is a beauty Eddie nice find.
  16. Same here too we can do the Sunday AGM It will be good to meet up on Saturday also πŸ‘ Thank you for adjusting the date to a weekend Colin and an excellent idea to move the AGM round the country giving more members a chance to attend.
  17. Thanks Kim, more excellent advice askmid-roadside saved in my favourites - as you never know!
  18. Heads up for anyone looking for new tyres. Black circles are offering a 10% discount on Yokohama tyres this week. You'll need to buy at least 2 tyres though. https://www.blackcircles.com/offers/ten_percent_yoko
  19. " You have to fold yourself like human Origami for a seat that's about 2.5cm off the ground, while making sure nobody sees you actually getting into it. " I am sure I have said something along these lines in the past about entering the Elise S1 drivers seat with the roof on! ☺️
  20. Blimey thread revival! I think Mark is referring to sticky vinyl bits Andy, he does like a sticker or 2 πŸ‘ Winter jobs for me: Looks like I will be replacing my rear diffuser as it has developed a corrosion issue at one of the bolt points. Drivers seat out to clear items sliding around under it. (1 is my roof allen key) Rear screen seal replacement. Also there's bound to be something I hadn't planned on doing too, its a Lotus thing.
  21. Welcome to LDC Mark, Hope to meet you at an event sometime. Enjoy your car! Cheers
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