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  1. Form submitted πŸ‘
  2. SkyBlue

    Entertaining car advert

    Great car advert, worth a read if you like a good laugh. The description is just brilliant! 😁
  3. SkyBlue

    Winter Projects

    I have decided to sort my interior trim out and give the aluminium tub a good clean while it's out of the car this year. It would be interesting to see what jobs, if any, have others got planned for their cars over the winter months then?
  4. SkyBlue

    Entertaining car advert

    " You have to fold yourself like human Origami for a seat that's about 2.5cm off the ground, while making sure nobody sees you actually getting into it. " I am sure I have said something along these lines in the past about entering the Elise S1 drivers seat with the roof on! ☺️
  5. SkyBlue

    Winter Projects

    Blimey thread revival! I think Mark is referring to sticky vinyl bits Andy, he does like a sticker or 2 πŸ‘ Winter jobs for me: Looks like I will be replacing my rear diffuser as it has developed a corrosion issue at one of the bolt points. Drivers seat out to clear items sliding around under it. (1 is my roof allen key) Rear screen seal replacement. Also there's bound to be something I hadn't planned on doing too, its a Lotus thing.
  6. SkyBlue

    Hi, New Member from Northamptonshire

    Welcome to LDC Mark, Hope to meet you at an event sometime. Enjoy your car! Cheers
  7. SkyBlue

    Abandoning a supercar

    Blimey, surprised the finance/loan companies don't come looking for them to sell them on. Interesting stuff though.
  8. SkyBlue

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Cracking day for a roof off blast down to the Cotswolds. Thanks Andy really enjoyed the trip out πŸ‘
  9. SkyBlue

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    See you all there πŸ‘
  10. Booked table for 10 so far Time 12.30 . 1. Eddie and Sue . 2. Andy 3.Colin 4. Dean n Lisa
  11. Looking good and Colin is already on the pink gin by the looks of it.
  12. SkyBlue

    Pembrokeshire - 3 - 6 May 2019

    Booked here too. Never get tired of visiting Pembrokeshire and friends in South West Wales. Here it is.... 1. Andy 2. Chris and Tash 3. Dean and Lisa
  13. Looks like the chap that owns it has turned out to be a bad Lad and is probably off to prison. Hope that its not the end of the championship particularly with the proceeds of crime etc.
  14. Ditto this, well put Mark.
  15. Can I be so bold as to ask why the club have decided to now make the AGM a mid week evening thing next year. I for one will struggle to attend on an evening and I live in the Midlands. I am sure there are also other members who live further away and usually attend the AGM who will now not be able to attend due to the revised timing.
  16. Not one for the road but it will cost you over half a million quid ?
  17. SkyBlue

    Is this the most expensive Lotus ever?

    A rare beast that is. A rare beast indeed. any other mega expensive lotus out there?
  18. SkyBlue

    New member, just south of Bedford area

    Welcome to LDC. Mighty fine looking car you have there.
  19. SkyBlue

    New member

    Welcome to LDC Mike, Always good to welcome another S1 Elise owner to the Club. Cheers
  20. SkyBlue

    S1 Exige ££££!

    Nice original car, and of course we all know that red is the best colour too! ?
  21. I can't see it being a problem pay on gate and then park with LDC cars the more the merrier. ?
  22. Fair point made Chris. There did seem to be 2 or 3 different drones about over the course of the day. I just assumed they were the pro's but just shows what I know about flying drones. Excellent photo by the professionals though.
  23. How many members cars can you spot? I spotted 8
  24. As Colin says no info has been posted on what's going on with the club stand. Info I have found elsewhere seems to be based on the colour of the car pass you have. Yellow pass is parking by the test track for a parade lap later in the day. Green pass is club stand parking. So it is possible you may not be allowed access to park on the club stand based on the colour of the pass you have. Unless of course the club have available a green pass for you to be on the stand. I wait to be corrected but being as there is little info about, I thought I would share what I have found on other forums.
  25. Wow! Europa SE a very rare beast. That's gorgeous Nige