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  1. A cracking weekend driving some of the best roads in Wales. Big thanks to Jennie & Richard for organising and to Dave for his local knowledge of some stunning roads and breathless scenery. Another fantastic LDC road trip.
  2. Hi from the North East

    I don't think you will regret it though, you will always have a smile on your face when you drive your Elise. Enjoy!
  3. Hi from the North East

    Welcome to LDC Karl. Very nice looking Elise you have. Do you still have the Lancia aswell?
  4. Pembrokeshire - 4 - 7 May 2018

    Excellent news Dave. See you in Shrewsbury next weekend Cheers Dean
  5. Evora GT430 Sport

    I love the look of it and the performance is impressive, but i'm pretty certain it is not where I would be spending my 100 grand! ( That's if I had a 100 grand to spend )
  6. Humourous Ebay Listing - Lotus twin Cam Escort

    Just spoke to the seller and he says he will accept your offer of a green Elan Sprint and 50K cash his way, says he can do the exchange anytime to suit you.
  7. This is worth a read. Scroll down to read the questions and answers about this item. Quite funny. Also click the view all questions link to see even more!
  8. Hi from buckingham

    Hi John and Mary Welcome to LDC see you again at a meet soon Cheers
  9. Very interesting evening and a fantastic humorous insight into the world of car design.
  10. Eddies car find of the month

    Been about for a good while that car according to previous owner on seloc the ad doesn't add up if you know what I mean
  11. Ooooo I think we're ready for a list Saturday 1. Mark & Lisa - Elise S1 Sunday 1. Andy - (Spoilt for choice) 2. Dean - (ticket bought via link)
  12. Sunday Scramble 2017

    I've booked a ticket Colin.
  13. Lotus to re open academy ?

    Can only be a good thing alright.