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  1. Lotus F1 memorabilia

    I would probably need to sell the house and a kidney to be in with a chance of winning that!
  2. Lotus Cup/Elise Trophy Round 1 Snetterton

    I do like to watch the Lotus racing but can't make Snetterton this year. Could be interesting this weekend though if we get the crappy weather they are threatening us with again.
  3. Greetings from Hampshire

    Nice cars you have there Kevin. See you at an event sometime welcome to LDC.
  4. Dave and Sian Boneham - Exige S Club Racer - Non Harbour Parking - Own Accomodation - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Andy - S3 Elan - Harbour Parking - Gower - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Chris and Tash - Exige V6 Cup - Harbour Parking - Own Accommodation - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Dean & Lisa - S1 Elise - Harbour Parking - Gower - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  5. Plea to help me get a plastic seat belt cover

    I have used Elise-shop in the past. Chap called Yvo runs it he's a very helpful guy.
  6. Attending: John - Lotus Exige S Colin - Lotus Elan Sprint Stuart & Vicky - Lotus Exige S1 Mark & Lisa - Elise S1 Andy - Lotus Dean & Lisa - Elise S1
  7. A chap called Dan replied to my request to attend email on Jan 24th asking for my details. I sent them back the same day, but I have had nothing back from them since. Early days yet though.
  8. Colin Did you book on using the link and pay your £2.50 in the LDC shop. It was in the very first post that Chris put up about the event? Think the link is gone now the event is full though. Cheers
  9. Car Audio Survey

  10. Nice M100

    Very tidy car Andy. Nice find.
  11. Eddies car find of the month

    I sure lotus could remove the ironing board for me for a small fee and perhaps round the cost up to 60k!
  12. Eddies car find of the month

    Personally I think the ironing board on the back ruins the look of the car, especially from the side. That's just my opinion though I'm sure others will like it.
  13. New member

    Hi Shamus, Welcome to the LDC. Not sure of your location but have a look in the events section as there is allsorts of stuff going on through out the year. There's bound to be something of interest to you Which Lotus model have you bought yourself? cheers Dean
  14. Garage Servicing Recommendations

    Another vote for Steve Gugliemi. I have used him for a few years now, really knows his stuff.