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  1. Same here I love the content. I have also happily renewed my subscription. 👍
  2. Looks lovely Andy.
  3. Glad you are sorted and it was a simple fix 👍
  4. Ah good old electrickery. Always worth checking earth straps have good connection to the chassis with no corrosion present and fixings are tight. Also worth checking battery connections are good too. HTH
  5. Welcome Gee I too got my S1 Elise in 2007. As Kim says we do tend to get out numbered by the newer Loti nowadays. Hope to meet you at an event soon Cheers Dean
  6. I have seen that car about in Nuneaton Eddie I recognise the reg Lady owner I believe. Cracking colour in the flesh.
  7. So does that now put the onus on the club to ensure the balance is correct. Another possible sticky point, should a pre 1990 owner, at the last minute decide not to attend, then that possibly means a post 1990 owner won't get in. Sounds like a load of unnecessary complication to me.
  8. Welcome to LDC, look forward to meeting you in Pembrokeshire and probably the bar in the Gower. Cheers Dean
  9. Spotlessly clean carbs and engine bay you have there. Very nice 👍
  10. Very nice indeed. Excellent work
  11. Hi Dean, Yes the secure parking is usually down at the harbour. There is a locked barrier at the entrance to the area we usually use. and yes Dave does like to sing! cheers Dean
  12. SkyBlue

    Race Retro

    Hoping to go Eddie unsure which day yet though.
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