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  1. Exige S

    I think you have got a thing about yellow stripes Andy. Nice looking car though.
  2. Elise Cup 260

    Thanks for posting this Mark, a very enjoyable watch. Certainly seems to be a fabulous car indeed.
  3. S1 Elise Sport190

  4. Newbie

    Hi John Welcome to LDC
  5. Newbie

    Welcome to LDC excellent choice of car too. Maybe meet you at one of the club events next year. cheers
  6. Worth a read this article especially if you didn't manage to attend the evening with JT earlier in the year.
  7. Extreme Exige

    Definitely, and also when you get in the drivers side then realise the steering wheel is on the other side Very nice but a 100k though.
  8. Found a garage for my Elise

    No piccy then.
  9. New owner of a Lotus - With some questions!

    LOTUS DRIVERS Club stand 2-440 Hi John Above info copied from the event thread may help you find the club stand. Look for the LDC gazebo. Cheers
  10. HI From Norfolk

    Welcome to LDC Kevin.
  11. New owner of a Lotus - With some questions!

    Welcome John, Lovely looking Esprit you have there.
  12. Hi from Newbury

    Welcome David. Nice choice of car, maybe meet you at one of the club events. Cheers
  13. Guitars and cars

    Definitely something abit Dodgy going on there. . Very nice collection
  14. Sport 160 anyone?

    Andy Looks a very nice car. There has been a fair bit of discussion as to exactly what it is though. Seems to be sitting abit to high for a sport 160. Still a very tidy car. ttps://