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  1. Thanks for the info Kevin, especially the tip about the handbrake. Went to get it out of the garage yesterday after washing it two days earlier and it wouldn't move, then eventually realised the handbrake was seized on. As for the brake pedal pressure issue, Bibs on The Lotus Forum said I would notice a lot of difference from the TT as the Sport 220 doesn't have anything like the servo assistance that the TT has, which in turn allows for a lot more braking feedback.
  2. I’ve noticed that during heavy braking on my recently acquired Elise 220 Sport, I seem to have to use a lot of pedal pressure in comparison to an Audi TT for example. Just wondered if this was a characteristic of the Elise? I also notice that after washing it, the brakes appear not to work for a few yards before eventually biting. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts
  3. Many thanks for this, and no I didn't know about the local area page, so many thanks for this.
  4. Hi All, Just swapped my Kia Stinger GTS for this. Loving it. I went to the Re:Fuel meeting in Dunkeswell East Doven yesterday and saw three other Lotus's but unfortunately they were on their way to the exit. If any of you guys saw me it would be nice to meet up sometime for a chat if you're local to the area.