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  1. These look amazing ! I'm well impressed πŸ‘
  2. I can't seem to find any messages ?! Probably me not having a clue , sorry you can call me on 07962-884230 Tom
  3. Looks like a dry weekend! Except for between the hours of 2-4Pm tomorrow , just the time were due to set off 😑 I spent ages cleaning the carπŸ˜” also rolled my beast out of the garage after its polishing marathon only to have my neighbours greyhound jump on it , claws n all 😑 Have a safe journey down folks , looking forward to Lotus heaven for a few days 😎 Tom
  4. Spelling is not my strong point ! πŸ˜†
  5. Weather forecast looking good from Fri-Sun ( wet all week here in Carmarthen just a few miles away from Sandersfoot and wet again from Monday according to the forecast ) looks like we hit a Welsh Weather Sweet Spot and being a local lad, to string three dry days together over a weekend in Wales is about as rare as a unicorn winning the grand national. I salute the organisers on their choice of dates!!!!! For those getting to Sanderstfoot early I can recommend the stunning beach (one of my favorites in South West Wales) for a chill out n ice cream so remember to bring a towl , I'll be going for a paddle if its warm enough . Before l forget, a big thank you to everyone who's planned this event and looking forward to meeting everyone............ are we started to get excited people ! πŸ™ƒ
  6. Sent the link above ( that's Blanc ) to the wife's iPad and it works for her ?!?! Tickets bought , car booked in ! look forward to meeting up with you guys πŸ€—
  7. Depressing πŸ˜• Still getting Blanc screen with just a title and three slashes on the top lh corner ( index ?) 😳 must be the moisture in Waled affecting the signal strength πŸ€”
  8. I'm probably being a fool but the link isn't working ? I'd like to book myself n car in before LDC is full or is the ticket line now closed as its full up? Help !!!!! id like to go to this event :/
  9. Your a Star . Thank you
  10. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    Hehe, I've defiantly getting a copy now! Thank you for taking the trouble to find and post the letters page, your a star Sir ! Subscribed
  11. Just need it to stay dry!!!!! This is Wales after all l was curious to know if we have an idea of expected numbers of cars this year ? and what's the turn out been in previous years? Where will drivers be coming from ? Interested to know how far n wide for this brilliant event . I ribbon of multi coloured lotus cars traversing the lanes of Wales will be a vision to behold Counting down the days !
  12. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    Hehe, I've defiantly getting a copy now! Thank you for taking the trouble to find and post the letters page, your a star Sir !
  13. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    I must subscribe ! Another cracking looking issue . BTW cheeky to ask but if anyone has this copy could you look in the "readers letters" section and let me know if there is a letter from a bloke with a Yellow RGB Exige? Cheers Tom
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