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  1. Sent the link above ( that's Blanc ) to the wife's iPad and it works for her ?!?! Tickets bought , car booked in ! look forward to meeting up with you guys 🤗
  2. Depressing 😕 Still getting Blanc screen with just a title and three slashes on the top lh corner ( index ?) 😳 must be the moisture in Waled affecting the signal strength 🤔
  3. I'm probably being a fool but the link isn't working ? I'd like to book myself n car in before LDC is full or is the ticket line now closed as its full up? Help !!!!! id like to go to this event :/
  4. Your a Star . Thank you
  5. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    Hehe, I've defiantly getting a copy now! Thank you for taking the trouble to find and post the letters page, your a star Sir ! Subscribed
  6. Just need it to stay dry!!!!! This is Wales after all l was curious to know if we have an idea of expected numbers of cars this year ? and what's the turn out been in previous years? Where will drivers be coming from ? Interested to know how far n wide for this brilliant event . I ribbon of multi coloured lotus cars traversing the lanes of Wales will be a vision to behold Counting down the days !
  7. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    Hehe, I've defiantly getting a copy now! Thank you for taking the trouble to find and post the letters page, your a star Sir !
  8. Tom

    Absolute Lotus

    I must subscribe ! Another cracking looking issue . BTW cheeky to ask but if anyone has this copy could you look in the "readers letters" section and let me know if there is a letter from a bloke with a Yellow RGB Exige? Cheers Tom
  9. Hello fellow enthusiasts , please could someone advise on a air intake for my MY10 S260? It's a standard job at the moment and I fancy upgrading to a better performance item that and be DIY fitted . Thank you 😎
  10. BTW , only driven the car a couple of times and covered less than 80 miles in it so it'll be nice not only to see you guys and other Lotus cars but to get to know our car better 🤗
  11. First Lotus Club event with new Lotus , booked in for Fri evening at Gower Hotel . Look forward to meeting everyone . Tom
  12. Hopefully you guys can keep me posted on what's going on locally. Best to email me as I'm not on this forum every day. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys sorry for the delay in reply, yes , deff up for any local meets and the May run over in Pembrokeshire is something I'd like to do but as we live quite local I was hoping to join the group on route and drive home afterwards depending on distance.
  14. just a heads up to say HI from south west wales and is there any other members in Carmarthenshire ?also who would you recommend for servicing when the time comes? Many thanks Tom
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