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  1. Managed to get a regular ticket, hope to see you on the stand.
  2. Will do. Can I still get to the club parking area with a normal ticket?
  3. Anyone know if the code is still valid? Originally I couldn't attend but plans have changed so now can...
  4. In case anyone was interested for future events, I attended the Silverstone track day yesterday which was a 102db drive by, 105db static limit day. No static tests were done but I had no issues on drive by despite using all revs and all DPM modes. The bypass valves would have been open a lot. It was a pretty cold and wet day which may have deadened some of the sound. Being on the regular road MPS4 tyres was a good choice for the conditions and I managed to get round quickly and without issues. More than can be said for some of the Citroen C1 racing teams that were testing in advance of their April 24hr race...I haven’t witnessed that many red flags in a day before for spun off cars (and subsequent grass and mud on the circuit). I’m glad the driver walked away unscathed from the one that he rolled coming out of Club onto the main straight
  5. Thanks for setting this up, was a great way to spend a morning and meet some fellow owners. The sheer amount of amazing cars and a great backdrop of the workshops made for a fab start to the year Matthew (Black Exige Sport 350 parked at on the front row of our group).
  6. Thanks for setting this up, I am looking forward to it! Matthew
  7. After flirting with 'Lotus' through a VX220 about 10 years ago and a 'Lotus 7' (Caterham) for the last 4 years, I finally have joined the marque properly as of Monday this week. Say hello to Emerson...