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  1. grahamknightracing

    West Midlands Area 1 - Hilltop Farm Shop and Cafe, Fosse Way

    I’m going to come over to my first meet this weekend. Looks like a nice morning for a spin up from Buckinghamshire now my car is run in and had the aftersales service. Hope there’s enough bacon ?
  2. grahamknightracing


    ?Love to see the old pit straight garages being used. Car looks extremely purposeful with that ride height - what's the suspension setup on it?
  3. grahamknightracing

    Lotus Silverstone Open Day - 22 September 2018

    I've RSVP'd to the recent e-mail they sent out about the open day. Sure I'll see a few of you there.
  4. grahamknightracing

    Elise 250 Cup Air Conditioning issues from new!

    Thanks for the info - I'll have a look on the facebook group. That's probably what i suspected but would have expected that to have been standard item to check during PDI. Hopefully an easy fix then rather than something more involved.
  5. grahamknightracing

    Elise 250 Cup Air Conditioning issues from new!

    Has anyone else experienced a/c issues on their Elise S2/3? I picked my car up at the weekend and whether the red AC light is illuminated or not the air does not get cool let alone cold. There's no difference in temperature of the air being blown between when a/c is on or off. There's no indication that the a/c compressor is even kicking in as when you push a/c button there is no change in engine revs however minor - on pretty much all cars I've ever had witha/c engine not changes slightly and idle revs increase ever so slightly. That suggests to me that there's no refrigerant? So the a/c compressor clutch isn't engaging. Dealership i collected the car from believe that everything was checked and system was fully gassed when i collected so no idea how a leak has happened between PDI and me collecting about 24 hours later? Sounds a bit concerning though as I'm sure it can't be easy to find refrigerant leaks - probably full front clam off the lot I guess. In anycase, it's booked in at my local dealer to investigate but just interested to hear if others have had experience of similar and the resulting resolution. Thanks, Graham
  6. grahamknightracing

    Hello from Newport Pagnell - New to Lotus ownership and the club

    Heard good things about the hilltop meets so will look forward to a nice drive out and some breakfast soon
  7. Hello everyone, Joined the club before I collected my Elise 250 cup and collected it at the weekend so keen to get involved in some local, and probably some not so local events and driving adventures. Look forward to meeting some members in the very near future. Thanks, Graham
  8. grahamknightracing

    Just joined, MK area

    Welcome Neil, Good to see a few other Lotus owners in my area too! I'm near Newport Pagnell. I'm new on here and will do my own intro but look forward to meeting you at some local events in the near future ? Graham