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  1. cheekychap123

    Hi from down South

    Hi all first of all thanks for such a warn welcome I will possibly look at getting myself along to some of the club events in the future once I get some free time , it would be good to meet you all . i am having an absolute whale of a time with the Elise at the moment, it is hands down the best car I have ever driven. Thanks Nathan
  2. cheekychap123

    Dash Cam For Sale

    Sent you a DM.
  3. cheekychap123

    Hi from down South

    Hi everyone, recently (and very, very luckily) acquired my dream car , a lotus Elise. SO I thought I'd join a couple of lotus forums just to keep everything in check should anything (fingers crossed) go wrong with it . Anyway, my name's Nathan and I'm originally from East Sussex. Pleased to meet you all