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  1. My window got stuck about 1/3 of the way up. I’ve got it closed (with thanks to the guys on LEC), but it’s not fixed. The glass is catching on the door, I can’t really see what is wrong but I think one of the runners might be misaligned. We have been very lucky with the weather this year, it had to come to an end sometime!
  2. Such a shame about the weather. Having spent each hour of daylight after work all week trying to fix my window I fully intended to come. I had the car all ready, my raincoat handy and £3 in my purse. I kept checking the weather forecast, high 90% chance of HEAVY rain all morning and thought driving nearly 100 miles in that wouldn’t be the enjoyable day I’d hoped for.
  3. Sadly I think I’m going to give it a miss. I’ve got my window closed, but it is quite a long way to drive in the rain.☹️
  4. It’s good to see we can pay on the day. Having decided to come after all, it would seem the car has other ideas! (Nothing serious, just a window that won’t close.) Hopefully I will join you, but it may be weather permitting!
  5. 1. Eddie Lotus Evora 2. Del S2 Exige 3. Sue S2.5 Elise 4. Paul S2 Exige 5. Mark & Lisa S1 Elise 6. Kevin and Clare (Evora S or Elise) 7. Doug, Elan S3¾ 8. Kathryn - M100 S2
  6. Yes, I’m going to come!
  7. Kathryn

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    It was good to meet you all. I went on to Broadway, a lovely day and drive out!
  8. Kathryn

    Cotswold brekky meet up.

    Might join you, I often go out that way on Sunday drives.
  9. Thanks again for getting me in guys! It was an excellent day!
  10. That was a reply to the original email I sent on the 10th (so over a week ago). I filled in the application form since then.
  11. Received an email this morning. “Apologies for the delay in response. We have been exceptionally busy in the office planning all of our summer events.Unfortunately, applications for The Lotus display at Supercar Weekend have now closed.We’re sorry that we are unable to accept you for this show but we do hope that you will be able to join us for the Supercar Weekend in the coming years.” Really disappointed actually!
  12. I sent the application form on Thursday, but haven’t heard anything back. I don’t know if I should have? I put Lotus Drivers Club in the car club box, and also in the comments section at the bottom.
  13. OK, thanks guys, I’ll try again tomorrow.😀
  14. I emailed Beaulieu yesterday with all my details stating that I wish to attend with the Lotus Drivers Club, but all I got back was an automated reply asking me to complete the application form on their website. I was under the impression that I didn’t need to do that. Or am I too late? Which would be a shame because I had a really good time last year!
  15. Hello everybody! I’ve had my M100 four years now and have been meaning to join for ages! I’ve met a few LDC members, all have been very friendly and I’ve been tempted by some of your events! I was planning to come on the Weymouth fish and chip run, but unfortunately couldn’t make it in the end. Looked like a good day out and I hope the chap that was admiring my car in Weymouth a fortnight before saw you all!