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  1. The Elan is looking superb!. Did they charge you for parking? Heard that might happen because of the volume of cars and barryboy behaviour whilst leaving...
  2. So, on the s2...replace nose badge/driving light and clean the inside ally on show. Might also look at the gear linkages because they seem a little stiff to me (have the feeling this is one of "those" jobs so might leave till it gets a little warmer) The Evora is in fine fettle after a victorious MOT visit and just having been serviced. Might fiddle with some bits but my mum always told me off for fiddling...
  3. Hi Mark, and well done on your purchase! You are going to love buzzing around in that. Hopefully will meet you at some point so you can show it off. Regards Kevin
  4. Booked in, 1. Andy 2. Chris and Tash 3. Dean and Lisa 4. Mark and Lucinda 5. Kevin and Clare
  5. Kim, the integrity of the structural elements need inspection certainly as I remember seeing some very tidy "tarted up" classics that under the surface were like Swiss cheese! Not only that, but as a trained welder made me shudder when I saw some of the botched repairs using Oxy-acetylene or worse, a MIG welder. An MOT would go some way to re-assuring the car is sound. But also an inspection of the braking system, steering, bearings etc. A lot of the components that it's not obvious if they are failing, and in the "youth" of the vehicle would be picked up now by the service regime as well as the MOT. (Hopefully!) These can be some of the items that are just not checked by the owner unless some work in restoration are being carried out on them.
  6. Andy, that's a pragmatic way of looking at it. I think I would still want to get an MOT on any car I had. I haven't got one that qualifies at present though. Force of habit and it makes sense if you can prove that you are taking positive steps to keep it suitable for road use. Kevin
  7. 10 am meet up tea of coffee late breakfast or cakes . Then drive over . 1. Chris and Tash . 2. Eddie No Sue she out the country. 3. Clare and Kevin
  8. Eddie when you say booked to go is there any booking required?
  9. Kevjp

    New member

    Hi Mike, that is a lovely looking car! We haven't managed to get to one yet. There is one in St Albans I think (the first Wednesday of every month). We are in Herts as well. Near Puckeridge. Oh and welcome! Kevin
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