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  1. Hi Joe, looks like the Exige has a smitten kitten! Hopefully see you at an event soon. (found out about the C&M event late so couldn't attend) Kevin
  2. You say the rest of the electrics seem ok. What about the interior light? if that is not working have you checked fuses? Kevin
  3. Ok, managed to book in. Didn't read too deeply but as you pay per person assume 2 people means two cars? See everyone there!
  4. Laser blue great looking car and you wait to the sun is out and catches it! See you at some events soon hopefully Kevin
  5. Difficult to say as it depends on how assisted the brakes on a TT are. You would certainly notice the difference from an older S2 to your S3. It should still stop like buggery though! Re the washing thing. If could be suds getting on the discs. Also, If you are letting it stand after washing it, leave the handbrake off. The brakes will stick. In fact if you leave it for any length of time, leave the handbrake off! Kevin
  6. Hi and welcome. Great car and great colour! Hopefully see at one of the driving adventures. Devon a little too far for a meet for us!
  7. Kevjp

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Mike, Welcome. Hope to see the sun shining on the S1 at an event soon!
  8. Black tie you say...might be convinced of that
  9. Welcome to the fold...hopefully see you at some event soon
  10. Signed up again. Great company and great fun!
  11. Hi John, be great to see you at some LDC events. (have fun tomorrow, hope its not too wet!)
  12. Kevjp

    Caffeine & Machine

    Yes! Need to revisit this place
  13. Kevjp

    Glasgow member

    Hi Scott, hope at some point to try out the Scottish roads.
  14. Hello and welcome. Lovely car that. Hopefully see you around at some point Kevin