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  1. Hello Neil, Love a blue Lotus!...Welcome. Kevin
  2. Hi PJH If it was the one from Lotus Silverstone, that's one striking looking Car. Have fun and hopefully see you at one of the events Kevin
  3. I can only echo Davids sentiments above. Great company, great roads and well, what can you say about the weather... Was great to have the opportunity to meet and chat with Carol and gain some insight of the much respected man behind the LDC revival Wonderful couple of days put together by the fantastic four!
  4. Thanks for the hard work organising this Colin. Sorry we dashed off but had a great day. Loved meeting everyone and really enjoyed the drive out and the Paul Matty visit. He has got some lovely cars! See you all soon Kevin and Clare
  5. Good to see everyone. Nice to see the Elise out Andy!
  6. Skittles for the colours but a Pride for, well, pride...interesting choices
  7. Sounds boring! Should be something like a livery of Lotus or a Skittle of Lotus... I reckon that's just one end of a very long garage where lots of other cars are hidden
  8. Nice, was thinking of bringing the 25 after her victorious MOT. That's a lovely line up (what is the collective noun for Lotus??)
  9. Should get over for this. Missed Hilltop farm last week. Clare wouldn't get out of bed!
  10. May be a little late but looking forward to seeing everyone!
  11. The Elan is looking superb!. Did they charge you for parking? Heard that might happen because of the volume of cars and barryboy behaviour whilst leaving...
  12. So, on the s2...replace nose badge/driving light and clean the inside ally on show. Might also look at the gear linkages because they seem a little stiff to me (have the feeling this is one of "those" jobs so might leave till it gets a little warmer) The Evora is in fine fettle after a victorious MOT visit and just having been serviced. Might fiddle with some bits but my mum always told me off for fiddling...
  13. Hi Mark, and well done on your purchase! You are going to love buzzing around in that. Hopefully will meet you at some point so you can show it off. Regards Kevin