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  1. Kevjp


    Hi, and welcome to LDC. Not sure there is much in the way of Meets in NI sadly. Hopefully see you at some excursion in the future though! Kevin
  2. Hi Eddie, Yes all fine here, apologies. something came up. Looked like a nice morning for a run out. kevin
  3. Hi Eddie, is Ok for us to attend? Will be three of us in two cars. (been a while!)
  4. Love it. Still running in and only on 300 miles at the moment. The weather has turned!
  5. See you there Not so much as changed the Evora as got an Elise as well...
  6. Ok thanks Andy. Think will book for the Sat!
  7. Hi Chris, what day/days in general would be the best choice?
  8. I would be smitten to! That's a lovely looking car. Welcome.
  9. Hi Derek, and welcome to the club! Hopefully see you out and about soon Kevin
  10. Love that colour combination. Great looking car and welcome!
  11. Hi Joe, looks like the Exige has a smitten kitten! Hopefully see you at an event soon. (found out about the C&M event late so couldn't attend) Kevin
  12. You say the rest of the electrics seem ok. What about the interior light? if that is not working have you checked fuses? Kevin
  13. Ok, managed to book in. Didn't read too deeply but as you pay per person assume 2 people means two cars? See everyone there!