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  1. Hi I am after a complete standard air box for my S2 Exige . Thanks Paul
  2. E1EXG


    Great day at Silverstone Piston heads Cars & Coffee.
  3. My tickets arrived this morning ? & I have a yellow sticker . really looking forward to this & meeting you guys.
  4. I have tickets :-) But would like to a part of the stand if possible.
  5. That's good :-) Do you know if the stand is full ??
  6. E1EXG

    Club looking for Help

    No Problem
  7. E1EXG

    Club looking for Help

    I see in this edition of Chicane the club is looking for helpers. I would like to offer my help :-) If one of the moderators would like to pass on my details. Thanks Paul
  8. E1EXG

    Bowood house classic

    Hi Is anyone else do this show on Sunday the 12th of August ??? Its only £4.50 to show your car & that includes entry for 2 adults. Thanks Paul
  9. Hi Would any one have a spare stand pass for Saturday I will pay or make a donation to a charity of your choice Thanks Paul
  10. http://marlbororestaurant.co.uk/ is by far the best :-)
  11. E1EXG

    Hi from Wiltshire

    Thanks guys Looking forward to Saturday ?
  12. E1EXG

    Williams Open Day – Saturday 14 July 2018

    All booked :-)
  13. E1EXG

    Hi from Wiltshire

    Hi all i am loving Lotus S2 Exige ownership