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  1. Karl

    Any body used.......

    Well, bit the bullet and had my C service done at Performance Autocare - £579 including a brake fluid change. I'm always nervous of getting work done to my cars by someone unknown to me and without any recommendations but all fears were put to rest the moment I shook hands with Jonathan at Performance Autocare - top bloke who knew Elises inside out - did a fantastic job on my car and recommended a few 'improvements' and replacements (the dreaded heater resistor and radiator end caps) - The Elise certainly feels more sparky and smoother and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the North/North East.
  2. Karl

    Spot the difference

    Could only dream of owning such an amazing car as the Dino - was in the market for a 308/328 about 13 years ago but buying one would have just about pauperised me... so I plumped for an Integrale.
  3. Karl

    Hi from the North East

    Cheers guys - I'll let you know how the service goes - they seem very knowledgeable over the phone and reasonable at £500 with belts etc. but I'll give feedback after the event. I also have a heater fan resistor issue which i think I'll leave to Hangar 111.
  4. Karl

    Hi from the North East

    Thank you and no, I sold the Lancia - basically doubled my money over 14 years of ownership - broke my heart to let it go, but needs must. Had an Excel SE in the past n have always loved the Elise - saw this and snapped his hand off. The last owner had it for 11 years but hardly used it - Just put a Larini on it and its off to have its C Service on Tuesday.