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  1. Hi Colin Thank you for your reply and if you have been waiting for two years at least I can be realistic and not expect to get one anytime soon! That is so kind to offer me yours if it ever turns up so thank you and do let me know. I have tried UK Lotus too now, so thanks for that idea but alas they do not have one either. Surely someone somewhere must have one knocking around? Best wishes.
  2. Hi Andy Thank you and I have emailed them . I never even thought of searching for places that dismantle them so thanks for sharing your wisdom . Best wishes .
  3. Dear All Please can someone help me get just a plastic cover for the top of my Lotus SC driver’s side seat belt? I have had one on backorder for 6 months and have spoken to staff at the Lotus factory too and they have confirmed they can’t get them . I do not need a whole new seat belt set, just the clip on plastic cover that sits behind your right ear as you are driving . After trying for 6 months to get this part this is my damsel in distress plea to see if any of you can help me . Thank you .
  4. Dear Ian and Andy thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly . Now I can just chill out and enjoy driving my new little beauty knowing I do not have any additional costs!
  5. Hi everyone Please can someone help me regarding my fog lights . I have just got an Elise SC 2008 and do not know if the rear fog lights are ok or not . When I have the lights on at night , including the fog lights only half the fog lights on each of the 2 rear fog light units light up.This looks like a half crescent with 50% on and 50 % not on . When I look at the LED bulbs within the red circle on the fog lights there are 2 different types , so clearly not all the LED are the same. The 2 rear fog lights both have the same number inactive . I have been told by someone that if any more of the LED bulbs go out , so less than 50 % come on the police may pull me over for non- compliance . Are the fog lights faulty ? Also even when I brake and have the rear fog lights on at the same time - no more fog lights light up. So 50% of my rear fog lights are permanently inactive . Is this ok or do I need to get a pair of new rear fog lights? Thanking you in advance for you help and advice .
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